How to dress full women over 50: the secrets of elegance

Completeness is a common companion of age-related changes that occur in our body. It would be naive to hope that in 50 years you’ll be as slim as 20. Of course, to ensure that weight is not exceeded, it is necessary — primarily because the extra pounds do not add health.

However, the website today wants to talk to you about something else. We’ll tell you about what fashion for fat women after 50. It is no secret that with the help of well-matched clothes, you can not only lose a few pounds, but a few years.

Taboo for overweight women over 50

There are things that are allowed to wear only at a young age, and you’ll have to accept. And they need to ruthlessly remove from your wardrobe. However, most of them are unlikely for you global loss:

— Skirt above the knees. However, mini’s are even young pyshechka.

— Clothing with catchy lurid print — exotic butterflies, large flowers, intricate patterns. They visually complete.

— Clothes are frivolous drawing — applications in the form of a cat, decorated with rhinestones, pink hearts full bust, etc.

— Clothing with excessive gloss. Lurex, sequins, metallic fabric, etc. not only artificially increase the volume, but focus on the faults.

— Wear neon colors — bright pink, unbearable turquoise, dazzling purple, etc. Leave these bright colors teenagers.

— Anything that is too much tight, or, conversely, sitting baggy and baloonist. Go full silhouette things.

— Clothes with very large parts — for example, bright gilt buttons, large frill, etc. All these elements are artificial enlargers weight. Besides, admittedly, they often look pretty cheap.

The secrets of the proper wardrobe

To holders of magnificent forms and after 50 looked elegant and feminine, they should give preference to classical style.

In the wardrobe of any representatives of the described categories must be the following things:

— Pencil skirt or a year. Better — both. Skirts must be a perfect cut, made of thick, good slimming fabric, length to mid-calf. By the way, this length is considered ideal for chasers here at the age of 50+. First, it visually extends the height, and therefore, removes the extra pounds. Second, even when the total fullness of the calves, tend to retain the grace.


— Elegant dresses. Dresses in General, not much happens. We recommend that you dress, dress-shirt, wrap dress, the classic little black dress Chanel dress with Empire waist in Empire style. And certainly sweater dress. It is recommended to wear with straight jeans.

Another great idea is a bicolor dress with a dark vertical inserts on the sides — this model will allow you to establish smooth proportional silhouette.

Long dressy tunic. It will also look great with jeans.

— Fitted jacket, long enough to close the hip — problematic female part.

— Black trousers — slightly flared or straight.


Many women memorize like the alphabet, the rule that black is slimming, build your wardrobe solely based on this noble, elegant, but still requiring moderation in the use of color. The black color really hides the extra pounds. But he still ages, when its too much. Designers recommend that older women not to abuse too dark colours when selecting top.

Pay attention to such colors as ivory, coral, ash-pink. And white is also not forbidden. White shirt, elegant formfitting, will refresh the face and help to create the classic image.

In addition, not only black is slimming. There are many beautiful shades that are recommended full women over 50 — Burgundy, dark blue, brown, gray, scarlet, etc.

Although monochrome ensembles for the fifty-year-old women look more advantageous, you can diversify your wardrobe with clothes decorated with medium-sized peas, in neat plaid, small floral print, thin vertical stripes.

As you can see, look elegant, stylish and fashionable after 50 not so difficult.

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