How to dress high

The high growth in our age model standards can hardly be called a disadvantage. A tall girl will not get lost among the crowd. In addition, when high growth is always easier to look slimmer. However, every coin has two sides. Tall women can be difficult to find a partner for growth, next to which it would be possible to feel like Thumbelina. Very often women above 175 cm complex about growth, trying to hide it.

Although growth is a biologically given value, and to change it is unreal, Site, Stylish ready to share my secrets with you how to dress high, to present this feature most profitable.

How to dress high: simple techniques

On the slim tall figure will look good in almost anything. After all centerfolds – growth of at least 175 cm and thin. The task of the clothes is just to emphasize the beauty of the body.

1. Divide the torso horizontally. Strongly you are lucky – you can wear horizontal stripes, but it’s not all available. Everyone knows about the ability of horizontal stripes to meet, as well as the fullness you are not in danger, feel free to wear things in a sailor style.

This applies not only stripes, but also any details that lead to a horizontal division of the body. For example, a dress or a blouse consisting of several rows of flounces. Or wide straps.

2. Make the emphasis on femininity. Quite often, these figures are somewhat angular, boyish. Your task is to add to your silhouette feminine curves. Often wear skirts and dresses. Emphasize the smooth curves of the figure.

3. Displaced waist. In what direction – depends on your proportions. If you have the upper torso is too long, then you will things high-waisted. If, on the contrary, most of the growth is in the legs, then wear pants and skirts with a low waist. This simple technique will help you to balance the proportions and you’ll look like below.

Avoid straight line – such things you’re going to look like spaghetti. The figure must be designated.

4. Do not wear too short skirts and dresses, especially in the style of baby-doll. In them you’ll look like Barbie overgrown. The optimum length – just above the knees. However, for you and Maxi. I advise you to pay attention to pleated skirts that will help you give a more feminine volumes.

5. Avoid cropped jackets and tops. They create a feeling similar to short dresses if you are dressed up in clothes that you small.

6. Many high girls who worried about its growth, abandon the heels and wear ballet flats or loafers. Such footwear makes the figure too sporty and, again, boyish. We should not exclude feminine shoes in her wardrobe. Only choose shoes on a low – 3-5 cm heel. These centimeters are not fundamental for your height and figure will look quite different – more feminine and elegant.

7. Say Yes to large pictures on the clothes. You will go for any large, striking patterns and a large pea, and cage, and flowers and any other ornaments. Such pictures also tend to expand the body what you need.

Perhaps, the only limitation is a vertically directed drawings (not only lines, but also a fine ornament having a vertical direction). They perform the opposite function – pull the silhouette up.

8. As for the color, then you can afford of any color within its color type. You should avoid monochrome combinations as they create a single ensemble, so figure is visually stretched. Let a garment divides your silhouette horizontally.

9. You can afford big accessories – bag of generous proportions, the wide strap with some expressive buckle, noticeable jewelry. The objective of accessories is to draw attention to themselves, so they should be bright, conspicuous. Although this should not come at the expense of good taste.

But small ornaments, for example, drop earrings, a tiny pendant, etc. – most likely, you will be lost.

And one more important comment. Very often, tall girls, instead of to walk with head held high, you begin to deliberately slouch. Growth it’s not diminished. But it will ruin your posture, which further can cause serious problems. Sunken chest and spin the wheel yet no one ever painted. Shoulders back, chin up and look down on the world – you can be proud of!

Hope you are now clear with how to dress high girls. All fashion designers in the world work for you, so to be mistaken difficult. The most important thing is not to worry about what you cannot change and be grateful to Nature for what she gave you.


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