How to dress in 30 years: the ideal way

In 30 years, the woman resembles a blossoming Bud. Youth and freshness are combined with life experience, knowledge of the basic canons of style and ability to apply them in practice. And all this is supported by confidence and understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Today, the website Stylish Stuff will pay more attention to the wardrobe, appropriate for this age group of women. I hope that this article will help you to consolidate already learned, will inspire you to new ideas, and perhaps, keep you from some errors. So, how to dress 30 years old stylish woman?

How not to dress in 30 years

Let’s start from the contrary. There are some things that are allowed only teenagers or very young girls. Or rather, not so much permissible, how much is forgivable – adjusted for their inexperience, the search itself, and boyish.

Even if you look much younger than your years, it is not necessary to emphasize it with children’s clothing.

Neon top, bright pink color lined in the area of the bust with rhinestones a heart and the word “kiss” is unlikely to become a harmonious complement to the image on 30-year-old woman.

In the past needs to stayand attempts of self-expression through affiliation to a particular subculture. Therefore, I sincerely hope you don’t dress like a goth, punk, emo and other followers of pseudobiology. Frank sexuality is also unlikely to get away with a 30-year-old woman.

If you don’t want to cause others of the associations that characterize you is not the most flattering way, forget about too much cleavage, too short skirts, too high slits and other “too”. Its appeal can be emphasized more adequate ways.

The ideal image of the 30-year-old woman

Of course, any clothing – their time and place. However, in a woman’s wardrobe 30 years the main emphasis should be placed on femininity and elegance.

Expand available to you an assortment of skirts and dresses. Of course, the choice of styles depends primarily on the peculiarities of your figure.

But the classic pencil skirt is bound to be every women in this age category. It is a versatile, perfectly underlines the feminine proportions and has a high degree of variability.


Sheath dress is the second biggest item on the list of things – must have a 30-year-old woman. The reasons are the same: versatility, combinatorics, feminine cut.

Mini skirts have every right to stay in your closet. However, selecting the optimal length, stick to the rules: the skirt should not be shorter than the level to which get you your loosely hanging arms. Everything that above – already vulgarity. And, of course, do not wear them to the office.

Jeans is also a necessary thing in every woman’s wardrobe. But after 30 inappropriate models decorated with rhinestones, appliqués, decorative slits, rivets, chains and other tinsel. The more close to the classics will fit the decor and color of the jeans, the more things you will be able to combine them.

Tops, blouses, sweaters– you should have quite a selection of things like that, because it will allow you to look new, fresh and relevant with minimal financial cost and maximum number of cases.


Even if you don’t work in the office and generally can not stand corporate style, at least one expensive, well-fitting for you wearing a business suit you you have to be.

The jacket can easily be combined with the pencil skirt and sheath dress, and with jeans, and with numerous blouses and tops.


Choosing a color scheme of your outfit it is necessary to proceed first of all from where the color type of appearance you are. Of course, a classic is always a win-win. If you have the word “classic” brings teeth of anguish, believe me: to dress in a classic style does not mean dressing boring.

In addition to traditional black, white, grey and brown, there are plenty of shades that fit well into the canons of this style, but it look very noble, clearly and effectively. Blue, green, beige, wine, cherry a lot of options.

And don’t sweat the small things. They make the image complete.

Well, the most important rule of how to dress in 30 years: find your personality and cultivate it. However, this principle is universal for any age group.

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