How to dress in 40 years, suggests stylist

Good day!

And I have a question: if I always approached classical style in clothes, but he is too tired — a sporty, glamorous, casual and other are not good — how to dress in 40 years? (Work allows you enough free dress code)

Hello, Anna!

I have another rhetorical question: what makes you think that all of these styles are you going?

For example, the casual style is almost everything, as it is most affordable! Perhaps you failed to properly combine things in this style.

Sporty style in most of its manifestations is tied to the rhythm of life and occupation. And, most likely, you have no need to wear clothes of such a plan on a daily basis. But this does not mean that you will not go!

But with glamour style, whose existence I recognize a burden to all. I believe glamour is a state of mind and lifestyle. Although many will disagree with me!

I think that properly matched sets in each of these styles will go to you. The main thing is to approach it in the right way!

The next question: “other” styles – which one? Because a lot of them! Perhaps the fingers of two hands is not enough to list them. And I’m sure you are all by yourself trying on!

And your last words “how to dress in 40 years?” sound like a death sentence. He immediately remembered the banal – “in 40 years life only begins”, which I totally agree. From myself I can add that fashion, like love, is for all ages!

So its time to try something new, especially if the job allows enough free dress code.

And so, I would not steer you drastically in another direction or to put a rigid framework. So if you know that the classic style suits you, then based on it we will make something new. I think the words “smart casual” is familiar to you (and all others) for a long time. This style of dress, which appeared 10 years ago and has gained unprecedented momentum among fashionistas around the world.

I can confidently say that this is your option 100%, as it will allow you to combine any you a classic and comfortable casual styles.

Yeah, right and stylish dress code is smart casual – not the easiest task, but nothing is impossible, especially for us girls!

The main advantage of the style smart casual look – his democracy in relation to the objects of everyday wardrobe. We can wear: jackets, sweaters, sweaters, jeans, pants, skirts, blouses, shirts, dresses, etc. Basis, as in the classics, there are jackets, skirts and pants – that is, suits. But the beauty is that the top and bottom can be different colors, textures, different materials, even different styles! Colors can be brighter and contrast, cut is milder or, on the contrary, geometrical, texture and material – to be combined in a variety of interpretations.

For example: under a pantsuit instead of a blouse you can wear knitted t-shirt in a contrasting color or a bold print. While the jacket and trousers (skirt) can be a different color and texture.

But remember: 2-3 colors, no more (several shades of one color)! Shoes and other accessories are chosen to match one of the items in the kit.

Jacket classic-fit can replace a more casual thing – a cardigan or jacket in a casual style.

If you love the blouse and your wardrobe just to fall on their abundance, and for them especially there use! Enough to wear bright pants in a classic b/W top.

And bright top original cut, simple elegant pants and unusual decoration will create an incredibly stylish, but at the same time, a sophisticated look for an adult lady.

Do not give up leather and denim things! It is permissible jeans, it’s still comfortable and stylish. But I vote denim shirts. Offer you quite a bold combination of denim shirt and a strict leather skirt with a high waist. But you will not regret it, I assure you!

Also possible is a combination of sweaters with skirts and trousers. But what would it look too romantic or too “casual” – an effort needs to be more rigorous and elegant, and the sweater – what your heart desires.

And finally, the dress: a simple pared-down silhouettes, pure color, length is below mid-thigh, to the knee, just below the knee (too, by the way, and with skirts).

Dress can be a self-contained piece of kit in combination with bright accessories and coats, for example.

So, what to wear in 40 years? All!

Most importantly, don’t be afraid of being too fashionable!

Anya Good-Evening, professional stylist and image-maker.

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