How to dress thin

In the modern world the harmony of price. Any girl, Wake her in the night, without hesitation voiced cherished a parameter that wants to squeeze 99% of the female population (90-60-90 and 175). However, the slimness and thinness is, as they say in Odessa, two big differences. Too unimpressive appearance gives pain.

However, the website Stylish is sure enough to think closet, and thinness will turn into element of your individual style. Today’s article focuses on how to dress skinny girls.

How to dress skinny, or turning thinness into an element of style

1. Not hide, and stress! Traditional error most fragile girls to dress in clothes 2 sizes larger in the hope that it will give them extra volume and hide the protruding bones. Bones-that she might be hiding. But better you’re not going to appear. Instead, you’d look even jalonnee. Isn’t it better to emphasize the delicate fragility of your figure, choosing well-fitting, customized under your clothes?

Of course, having a custom size, choose the closet is somewhat more complicated, and you might have to find a good dressmaker or tailor, to modify clothes. But what to do – the beauty demands victims.

2. However, to resort to the other extreme – tight clothes – also not worth it. Forget skins, skintight leggings, dresses “slinky” and similar options. Things are tight – for those with a truly flawless body, and dress them up — always a risky move.

Tight clothing reveals both advantages and disadvantages.

3. Use the principle of layering. Now, by the way, very fashionable. For example, put on your woolen dress tunic top turtleneck. Or a shirt for a shirt. Such simple techniques will help you to create the illusion of curves where there is none.

4. Give up the deep cleavage, especially V-shaped or U-shaped. These cutouts only accentuate a protruding clavicle and slender neck, plus they visually elongate the figure, and you just don’t. Better use a semicircular neckline, or wear clothing with a high collar.

5. Use textured fabric. It creates a feeling of spaciousness. Therefore, corduroy, Jersey, knit, velvet – just what you need. Good on you will look, for example, things knit – not noodles.

6. Choose cheerful colors! The fact that different patterns and prints on the clothes you visually add volume. Plain things conceal the size. Of course, you remember that light colors make you look heavier, and dark, on the contrary, slim? So use this principle in clothing. However, this does not mean that you are contraindicated black.

Wearing, for example, elegant sheath dress in black, fitted on the figure, you’ll look like a fragile porcelain doll – very elegant and feminine.

Also give up vertical pictures – they will get you like a piece of spaghetti. But the horizontal is what you the doctor ordered.

7. The best skirt length – just above the knees. Usually skinny girls legs – the most vulnerable spot. If they will stick out from under short skirts, the spectacle is deplorable. So hide them for the correct length on your palm above the knees. If you’re short, from Maxi is better to abstain. High ladies Maxi permissible.

8. Make the emphasis on femininity. I think you’ll agree that companion too skinny figure is some awkwardness. The lack of volume in the hips will hide, for example, classic or slightly flared pants. Frill, lace, ruching, ruffles, and patch pockets will help to visually increase your breast size.

Choosing a fitted dress with puffy hem – for example, Tulip, bell, sun, you accent attention to the feminine silhouette. Even if nature has endowed you with the addition of a teenager, this does not mean that you have to dress like a teenager.

9. Carefully select shoes. Here, too, a lot depends on your height. If you’re tall, give up high heels. With your height and build, even in ballet flats, you will look extremely elegant. However, it is permissible to wear elegant shoes with a heel of 3 cm.

The main thing – do not wear rough heavy shoes with thick soles, platform or chunky heel. You’ll be in her like Cinderella before her magical transformation.

10. The same principle can be safely attributed to accessories. Avoid large rough jewelry: a small elegant pendant will look on you much more harmonious than heavy beads. The same applies to bulk bags. The larger the chosen accessories, the slimmer their background look you.

By the way, the hair this is also related: avoid too lush and voluminous hairstyles, they will look disproportionate on you.

We hope that you understand the basic principles of how to dress skinny. Make thinness a part of your charm. Believe me, millions of women a lot, I would give anything to swap with you complexion.



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