How to dress

Women very often complain that they find it difficult to choose clothes. Supposedly they just do not sew. Meanwhile, many designers are paying a category full of women attention and try not to deprive them of the opportunity to look attractive. Most often, these complaints are explained by a banal lack of knowledge on how to dress full. And women, paying attention in stores for the things they absolutely do not fit, sad state: the trouble have nothing to wear! Website Stylish Stuff will tell you what principles should be applied in the selection of wardrobe to present your figure in the best light.

How to choose closet full

1. Avoid the extremes. Harmonious whole on a man – regardless of his addition – looks clothing size. Therefore, neither too loose, baggy or tight clothing won’t suit you. Even if you have a pronounced excess weight, this does not mean that your figure is devoid of forms and proportions. The task of clothing them stress to make them in harmony, and not Vice versa.

Therefore, clothing should be a silhouette and customized fit.

2. Play colors. Remember: the ensemble, composed of plain clothes, creates the sense of integrity of the figure and thus clears the visual volume. As you probably know, dark shades conceal the size, and white, on the contrary, add them. Don’t have to wear exclusively black – it’s a cliché.

There are many shades that look noble and visually diminish weight: cherry, Burgundy, brown, eggplant, dark blue, etc.

By the way, a variant “white top – black bottom” will perfectly balance your proportions.

3. If you insist on drawing, then you have come to the aid of vertical bars, or the picture, the vertical direction is the easiest way to get rid of a few pounds. Just keep in mind: the pattern must be subtle, discreet. You can also select a small polka dot, flower or plaid. Most importantly – avoid large prints.

4. The easier it will cut your clothes, the slimmer you’ll look. Remember that the most safe bet in your case would be a classic.

5. Eliminate artificial enlargers size – for example, flounces, lace, ruffles. Avoid layering in clothing. Remember that any conspicuous decorative elements – large pockets, appliques, zippers, and heavy hardware – visually add to your weight. The same applies to the various folds, pleats, etc.

6. The most feminine and attractive length skirts just below the knee. Such skirts make the figure taller, slimmer and sleeker. However, if you have a really slender and beautiful legs, you can choose a dress or skirt just above the knees.

But mini you is absolutely contraindicated.

7. As for the top of the dress, avoid too long of sweaters, blouses, shirts – they will add volume to the hips. The optimum length – just below the waist.

8. Neckline welcome! Usually women of magnificent forms can boast luxurious Breasts. So why not play this? You especially recommended V-shaped neckline. The main thing – not to cross the fine line between intrigue and vulgarity. The cutout should leave room for imagination.


9. Say Yes to heels. Best of all you will look simple pumps or ankle boots on a steady heel of about 5 cm Too thin pin select is not advised: it will look ridiculous on a background full of caviar. Thick heel or platform visually heavier figure.

Abused high heels is also not necessary – it may be unsafe for the feet and spine.

10. As for accessories, use bright, eye-catching details: colored scarves, luxurious bracelets, spectacular necklaces. Excellent visual trick that helps visually elongate the figure – creation with decorations of vertical lines. For example, dangling earrings or a long strand of pearls. As for the bags, you will suit the styles of medium size.

But a miniature purse, especially on short strap is absolutely not your option.

A Must-have in the wardrobe of woman

And here is a list of those thingsthat you have to enrich your wardrobe, if you haven’t already:

— Little black sheath dress: with the undercut, from a fairly dense fabric, well-fitting on the figure.

— Classic Trouser suit of male silhouette.

— Pencil skirt length just below or just above the knees, dark color.

— Tunic dress with a slightly high waist is a great way to emphasize a beautiful chest, hiding full hips and tummy.

— Straight cut pants — dark colors with either a thin vertical strip.

— Fitted white shirt just below the waist.

All these things should be the basis in shaping your image.

In addition to the topic about how to dress fully, I advise you to follow the bearing. Above the head – so you’re going to seem slimmer and greater.

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