How to emphasize the dignity of the figure with clothes

Absolutely pleased with their appearance of women on this planet does not exist is a fact. However, thank God, no, and that’d be totally dissatisfied. Any something attractive in itself. However, the peculiarity of female nature is to focus on the faults. Why are we so hard on yourself? Isn’t it better instead to look for at the cellulite with tweezers or worry that you do not quite live up to model standards, often to think about what gave you mother Nature?

Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you how to emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Emphasize the dignity of the figure with clothes

Paradox. The woman is the crown of God’s creation, the ideal of beauty and universal harmony. However, even the most attractive woman is always confident in his charms. While anyone, even with a very dubious appearance, the man is always convinced that it is irresistible. Unfair!

But we, instead of jealous men’s self-esteem, will increase your. And for this we need to think about how that we have by nature excellent (unlike the men) and how it is possible effectively to accentuate with clothing.

— The chest. In order to draw attention to the bust, neckline was invented. Of all the forms of cutouts of the most win-win, clearly, can be considered V-shaped. It emphasizes the graceful line of the neck, sets the shape of the right proportions and highlights the chest while leaving a place of intrigue. V-shaped neckline is a good, but not the only one. Boldly wear blouses and dresses with a sweetheart neckline, but remember: it is important not to cross the line of decency.

Jewelry is also an additional way to draw attention to the chest area. For example, hang up on a neck chain with an elegant pendant or attach the elegant brooch on the chest. Decoration in the chest area needs to place a dot, not a bold exclamation mark.

— Waist. Folded ideal female body should follow the shape of an hourglass: it is the ratio of hips, waist and chest is considered a standard of female beauty. But even if nature has not endowed you with these proportions, you should not grieve. After all, you can ask them with clothing.

Most importantly, remember: if your options go beyond the proverbial “90-60-90”, this does not mean that you have to get oneself in direct a shapeless hoodie. Any clothing must-have shape.

To emphasize the waist will help, for example, dresses with a fitted silhouette, sun, Tulip, bell, case. Dress with the smell is also perfectly cope with this task.

Use belts to make the necessary emphasis on the waist.

Fortunately, modern fashion provides the features of a variety of types of shapes. So waist can be shifted up or down depending on what you want to focus. Important – your outfits must be form.

— The General perception of the figure. Initially people perceive the whole as a single image, and then, perhaps there will be more details to study it.

It just so happened that in the modern world harmony is considered more attractive than completeness. Again, it is not about how to squeeze in the model standards, but about the overall picture and proportions (ratio of height and weight). Fortunately, with the help of clothes it is possible “to throw off” a few pounds and grow a few inches.

First of all, remember: heels make any figures and more slender and graceful. The heel increases the height, lengthens the leg and gives the gait grace. Perfect heel height of about 5-7 cm, wide, stable.

If you have a lifetime to fundamentally go in sneakers and ballet flats, considering that the heel is not yours, forget heels will compliment any figure, if it is properly chosen, and to walk in shoes with heels, subject to the same conditions, even useful.

Give a slender you will help the colors. You are certainly aware that dark colors and vertical stripes slimming. A similar function is performed by any vertically directed, low-key paintings. Also, bear in mind: to make figure look slimmer, you should give preference monochrome combination of colors – it defines the shape flowing lines, visually make it higher and thinner. If you want to appear slimmer, avoid sharp contrasting color transitions or rough seams that divide the body horizontally.

Any figure will be more attractive if she’s not fully wrapped in clothes. A great technique that allows you to look sexy and provocatively – Stripping one part of the body: arms, legs, back, chest area.

Decide what you believe in being the most profitable, and act: all eyes will be focused to the Nude area.

Let us not given this conceit, as men, as “the base”. Who said you can’t teach? Knowing how to emphasize the dignity and hide figure flaws with clothes, you will easily learn in any situation to feel confident in its appeal.


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