How to emphasize the eyes

We admire the art of make-up artists, but often do not even realize that the beautiful and dramatic eye makeup can make itself in just ten minutes. Of course, you need to know some rules of make-up and be able to choose the right color for your face type. Website Stylish Stuff will tell you how to emphasize your eyes and make a stunning smoky eye eyes.

Act right!

In the make-up of the eye but the application technique is of great importance well-chosen decorative cosmetics. Therefore, choosing the mascara, eye shadows or eyeliners, you should consider some important rules. Remember, that the pencil should be soft to easily and not clinging to the skin of the eyelid to draw a clear line. Usually it is experience on the back of the hand, but this is wrong, choose skin areas with delicate skin, because the skin around the eyelids is very thin. If a pale line, this pencil is better not to take.

If you have oily eyelids, buy only dry shadows. Dry skin around the eyes allows the use of liquid eye shadow or eye pencils.

Light shades of eye shadow visually enlarges the eye, the same effect produces bright pencil if they are to sum the lower eyelid. If you love dark colors of shadows, then you know that their contours visually reduce eyes.

Prepare the Foundation

Non-greasy, the skin is the key to beautiful eye makeup. Before applying makeup, clean well the skin of the eyelid, apply a day cream for eyelids and degrease. Dark circles around the eyes, if they certainly are, mask the concealer. Lightly powder the eyelashes and eyelids with a sheer powder, this contributes to a more resistant eye make-up.

By the way, if your shadows are very persistent, use them as a basis.

Each type of eye your makeup

If the eyes are widely spaced, they need to emphasize the light color on the outer corner, and dark on the inside.

If the eyes are located close to each other, the makeup should be done with accuracy Yes on the contrary: outside – dark pencil or shadow, and inside – bright tone.

For overhanging eyelids , you should choose bright and light color shades.

How to emphasize the eyes, if they are very small? Of course, the eyes you can visually enlarge, to do this, on the border of the eyelashes to make the pencil line a little thicker, and the corners of the eyes to make the line as thin as possible.

Well, if the eyes are large and you want to visually reduce, use dark shades, they completely cover the upper eyelid.

About how much this look…

Getting eye makeup no matter what order the application of cosmetics you choose, eyeliner-the shade or the shade of lip gloss. But the will first apply the eyeliner, then shadow and then again to correct eye line. The line of eyeliner should be located as close to the lashes. Top arrow can go exactly to the corner of the eye, and may be continued, creating the effect of cat’s-eye.

However, the arrow should never be pointing down, otherwise the expression of the eyes and face in General will remind Piero, and it will agree, completely useless.

The shade or apply with applicator or fingers, or a brush, the last do not forget to feather the border. First apply the light tone. Then applied a dark shade. Professional makeup artists suggest to make the look more open, eyes big, just moving a light pencil inner rim of the eyelids.

A flutter of the eyelashes

That no matter how fluffy eyelashes accentuate the beauty of your eyes? So remember the most important rule for eye makeup: to make eyelashes thicker and darker visually.

Ideal false eyelashes, but alas, not every woman can afford, so let’s use good old ink. It is applied lightly in 2 layers, of course the next layer of mascara is applied only after drying previous.

Tell you a secret, which is used by Eastern women to give chic eyes: apply mascara only on the tips of the lashes so they are less likely to stick together and look more natural. You can try to curl lashes with special tweezers, this effective method will make the look expressive and open.

Note the eyebrows

To add to the end of the day you need to pay attention… eyebrows! Choose the form that suits you. To draw eyebrows should be either a special eyebrow pencil, either regular shadows. Color eyebrow pick, given the hair color, but do not forget that eyebrows should be a tone lighter.

Skilled stylist always knows how to emphasize the eyes, but after this lesson, the right make-up to accentuate the strengths and hide the shortcomings of your eyes can you do. Just remember all these simple techniques, and your eyes will look young, fresh and they will always burn the fire!

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