How to grow long nails

Not every woman today boasts manicured long nails. And even if she with great difficulty was able to grow, then soon they can break down and weaken. In this case, if even a single Naugatuck broken, have in accordance with it and align the rest. To avoid such unpleasant surprises, you should carefully take care of them. And even there are some ways to speed up their growth. Let’s talk about them in detail.

  • Especially quickly begins to grow nails during periods of hormonal changes. For example, when puberty, onset of menstruation, pregnancy and during other hormonal changes.
  • Usually in summer they grow better as the body plenty of vitamins.
  • For the quick growth of daily acupressure lobes of the fingers, which normalizes blood circulation.
  • Paradoxically, the work related typing on computer and typewriter also increases their growth.

One there is a predisposition to cardiovascular disease, the nails will grow slower. As we age, significantly slowing down their growth.

A huge role in the acceleration of their growth plays a regulated power supply. The obligatory vitamins for every woman are vitamins b and A. most of these vitamins found in liver, cabbage, tomatoes, greens, carrots and wheat germ.

To strengthen the nail plate important calcium, which is rich in dairy products. An important useful element is silicon. It is contained in the bulb onions, spinach and seafood.

All of these products, though not in large quantity, but should be consumed each day to achieve the desired result.

What methods can be used to speed up the process of nail growth?

Of course, there is that the nails themselves are growing well, it’s like an innate gift of nature. However, in most cases it is the merit of your own work. Believe that your nogotochki were healthy and strong, they need to pay not so much attention.

Today the range of cosmetics to strengthen them is simply amazing in its diversity. In any drugstore or cosmetic store, you will be provided a huge selection of similar goods. And to understand what is needed for your nails, must first examine their structure.

The nail plate is a hardened skin cells. And do nogotochki located in a special nail bed, which should receive adequate nutrition due to a good blood supply.

Due to this there is growth. Under favorable conditions they grow to 5 mm per month and in six months the nail plate may be completely updated.

How to grow long nails with the help of folk remedies

In spring all nature is awakening from a deep sleep. All around is blooming and filled with life. However, with such rapid flowering of our body is experiencing a significant shortage of vitamins and minerals.

It affects the condition of our nails. They desperately need additional nutrients to fully make up for winter losses.

  1. Black currant. To prepare the remedy you need to prepare a tablespoon of currants and the same of flour. Currants should be crushed, adding flour and stirring. In the substance add 1 tsp of cream and mix. The resulting mixture is applied to hands and RUB into nails. Put on insulated gloves and leave for two hours.
  2. The most effective means is the mask is plant-based. This compound fits to this parameter. For its preparation you will need chopped mint and chamomile. It will be enough 1 tablespoon without slides of each component. Herb brew and insist a few hours. You then strain and let it cool completely. In the resulting infusion should be gradually add the flour (about two tablespoons), stirring constantly composition. Then, the resulting composition must add the sunflower oil — 1/2H.l.. Put on hands for half an hour.
  3. Healing baths. These procedures to obtain a rapid effect should be carried out daily. Thus, the hardened skin around the nails will gradually soften, due to what will be the blood rush to the nail plate. Usually the kids use essential oils of cedar, pine, sandalwood, incense and myrrh.

These components eliminate the delamination, make them strong and healthy. To make the nail plate more transparent, you can use lemon or eucalyptus oil. For polishing suitable oils of bergamot and ylang-ylang. If there is any inflammation, it is possible to use oil of chamomile, lavender, sandalwood or tea tree.

Prepare a bath with essential oils quite easily. It requires only that the basis to add a few drops of essential oil. The base oil can serve as almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil or wheat germ.

How to grow long nails using oils

For had taken shape of the nail effectively use the bath on mineral water. To give the nails strength it is better to make the bath salts and iodine. For smoothness of effective trays of sunflower oil with the addition of sea salt.

Consider some recipes baths — how to grow long nails:

  1. Baths with sea salt. For its preparation you will need a tablespoon of coarse salt and warm water (about 250 ml). In the tray to enhance the effect, you can add a few drops of essential oil. It is better to drip on the salt, and then it all dissolved in water.
  2. Bath using soap. This procedure is similar to the one carried out in beauty to a manicure. Well this bath softens rough skin, due to which the normalized circulation and nails grow faster. For its preparation you should prepare a glass of water, tablespoon of salt, shower gel or liquid soap. For starters, water is necessary to dissolve the gel or soap. Then add the salt. The procedure should be no more than 20 minutes.
  3. Bath on buttered basis. For this procedure, it is best to use olive oil cold pressed. You will need about half a Cup. Oil heat up for a couple. Then it must be well rubbed into the skin and directly into the nails and leave for 15 minutes. Then hands should be washed with warm water.
  4. Bath vital. This is a great way not only to provoke the growth of your nails, but also saturate them with vitamin A. For the preparation of the therapeutic substance need a little sunflower oil, few drops of liquid vitamin A and iodine. Everything should mix well and cover the nail plate for 20 minutes.
  5. Bath with lemon. Lemon juice has always been famous for its beneficial effect on the nail plate. To prepare the bath you need to heat the oil for a couple and to instill in him a lemon. Lower the fingertips in a tool for 15 minutes.
  6. Baths with salt. As salt and vegetable oil are present in every home. 4 tbsp of sunflower oil should be placed in a container and reheat on the steam bath, then pour salt into it and stir well. The composition applied to the hands for 20 minutes, then you should wear gloves and stay in them for about 3 hours. After this procedure, hands should be washed with warm water.
  7. Baths on mineral water. To of preparation stock up on fresh cabbage, tea leaves and mineral water. Welding should be about 2 tablespoons and it must be strong. Mineral water and juice of cabbage should take half a Cup. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and immersed in the lobes of the fingers, the nails were completely in solution. Keep your hands in the bath for about 15 min.
  8. Bath of grapefruit. This recipe involves the use of a small grapefruit, the flesh which must be mixed with a small amount of glycerin and liquid ammonia. Hands in such a bath must be kept for no longer than 20 minutes, after which they shall be thoroughly rinsed with water.

How to grow long nails with creams

To grow long fingernails, in addition to baths and decoctions at home just enough to make all kinds of cream for the strengthening and growth of nails. Cheap money in pharmacies and stores are not of good quality and can even hurt your hands and nails. And cream in specialty stores are very expensive and not everyone can afford to buy them.

Although some recipes of homemade creams also involve the use of expensive components, but you will know that you put it in there and do it for your health, so never skimp.

  • Cream with glycerin. All you need is a spoon of glycerin and two tablespoons of red wine, Vitamin K (15 drops), Vitamin E (10 drops) and 5 drops of 2 percent solution of salicylic acid. First we need to connect the glycerol and salicylic acid, then add vitamins and wine. The composition is thoroughly mixed and used as a mask for the hands, which should be applied for 3 hours.
  • Cream vitamin. The basis of this cream is any cream which is added vitamins A, D, E. it will be Enough 15 drops of each. All the ingredients are well mixed. The cream is used as a mask, as the previous composition.
  • Chamomile buckthorn cream. It is also used as a mask. To prepare it you’ll need about two tablespoons of ground chamomile flowers and 50-70 grams of sea buckthorn oil. Camomile color is mixed with oil and boiled for 15 minutes. The mixture should be thinned as soon as you remove it from the heat. The tool is also applied for 3 hours.

Means for growing nails that you can buy in the store.

This option is suitable for those who have absolutely no time to cook a variety of tools themselves. So you can just buy a ready-made composition for the accelerated growth of the nail.

1. Highly praised tool of the company Oriflame Nail grow Booster. The manufacturer promises that within a week you will get a visible result. The composition of such funds is panthenol, which is known for its properties to maintain the water balance of the nails. To prevent nails from stratified in medium added vitamins C and E.

Also strengthening nails to promote calcium and wheat, which are also present in the composition. This remedy is applied daily to the cuticle and nail plate. If you need to cover the nail varnish, the tool anyway should only be applied to the cuticle.

2. A good reputation earned by the French company Aurelia. It offers a range of products for the growth and strengthening of nails. Almost all of the tools this manufacturer are medicinal, so to get the result needed daily throughout the month to apply on the nails 3 times a day.

How to grow long nails

Naturally, a complete list of means for strengthening and growth of nails is much more than what is presented in this article. However, if you regularly carry out any procedures to strengthen them, the result will definitely be noticeable. Most importantly, do it regularly.

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