How to grow your nails

To be honest, quickly to grow your natural nails are unlikely to succeed. Such wonders are possible only in salons. And still, if to make some effort, you can force your nails to grow a little faster. For the week, the nail grows to 1-2 mm, in the summer this process is a little accelerated. It all depends on our food: after the summer we eat a lot more vitamins than in the winter. And that’s the point.

Just wish and they will be able to grow in week three, and even four millimeters. Should keep his hands to any job at home or at the cottage should be performed wearing gloves.

Wonderful and very pleasant procedure – massage of fingers. It is no secret that typists and pianists very strong nails. And the thing is that, banging on the keys, they carry out exercises for your fingers. The circulation increases and Nogliki grow faster.

Even if you just pobrania fingers on the table, favor your nails you will doubtless bring. Make before the massage, warm paraffin for the hands. Use in this case, the melted wax or cosmetic paraffin.

Contribute to their growth and warm salt baths with iodine. Heat half a liter of water and add a couple tablespoons of regular table salt and a few drops of iodine. Keep your hands in the solution for about 15 minutes.

Making the massage fingers, massage simultaneously in the nail plate vitamin “E”, is it in pharmacies utter nonsense, and the benefits great. You can also RUB iodine and normal. And don’t be afraid of yellow by the morning from her, and no trace remains. Unfortunately, most people in our country suffer from a lack of iodine.

Baby cream is easy to turn into cream for nail growth. Add red chili pepper and gently RUB this cream into the nail plate.

A regular lemon will help your nails a nice solid color, and at the same time will relieve them from the bedding. Cut a large lemon into two or four pieces and stick your fingertips in lemon pulp. So hold fingers for a few minutes. At the end of the procedure, lubricate your fingers with a nourishing cream.

To accelerate the growth of prepare a special cream: take two tablespoons of thick double cream, add 40 drops of oil of Seabuckthorn, calendula and burdock. Apply a little bit of aloe juice. RUB this cream into the nail plate. If you don’t have allergies, the supplements can safely use honey.

Still, the food should be given more attention. Vitamins “A” and “E” in our beauty vitamins dissolve only in fats. So indulge in butter, fatty fish. Be sure to eat liver, and pork or chicken; don’t forget about cheese and eggs. Working in tandem, these two vitamins are digested much better and more efficiently.

Without calcium you will never have strong and healthy nails. Eat dairy products, meat, fish, seafood.

Among other things, our nails are in need of magnesium and silicon. Without these elements, they become very fragile.

Don’t neglect beans, sweet peppers, nuts and seeds. Choosing foods that are good for your nails, is huge; you without any difficulty be able to create a varied menu with no harm to your figure.

In General, if you are determined to grow long beautiful nails then you’ll never forget to wear gloves if you are going to wash the floors or dishes. You will protect your hands from frost and cold wind. Every day you will use a nourishing cream. And you will give your nails a break from nail Polish. And all you get.