How to help olive oil to deal with stretch marks

Many women do not know what stretch marks. Someone their appearance is due to bad genetics. Someone gained, or, conversely, lose weight. After birth, the problem of stretch marks permanently stands in front of almost every one of us. It is clear that some stretch marks more visible, others less. However, in any case, from the stretch marks want to get rid of. And we need to fight them comprehensively.

Today website will tell you how to use olive oil against stretch marks. You will be surprised, but this product, which is in any supermarket, will help you to cope with this topical problem, if you know how to use it.


What is the effectiveness of olive oil to the stretch marks?

Olive oil is a rich source of valuable vitamins and minerals that are necessary for our skin. They nourish, make supple and elastic, keep in moisture, have an antioxidant effect.

In terms of the fight against stretch marks especially true of the high content in olive oil vitamin E. This vitamin, as you probably know, is part of most anti-aging tools.

It is necessary for our skin to maintain its freshness, elasticity. It also promotes regeneration of the skin.

Since the appearance of stretch marks is primarily due to the loss of skin elasticity and, as a consequence, the formation of internal discontinuities, it becomes apparent that olive oil can be very effective in solving this problem.

How to use olive oil against stretch marks

Any doctor will tell you that the disease is easier to anticipate than to cure. So I suggest you to regularly use olive oil as a prophylactic agent.

To fight stretch marks is best suited unrefined oil – it retains most of the nutrients of which it is so famous.

The most easy way to use olive oil against stretch marks is to lubricate them high-risk areas. Traditionally, stretch marks appear on hips, buttocks, abdomen and chest. At the first sign of threat start to use oil.

Every day before bedtime, do gentle massage of problem areas with olive oil. The time it takes a bit, but your body will thank you for caring.

Olive oil, among other things, stimulates metabolism in the skin. Therefore, in order to strengthen its effectiveness, RUB it it is necessary intense movements.

Olive oil can also be used as a base for a variety of masks, scrubs and lotions. For example, can adopt this recipe: mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 150 g low-fat sour cream and grated zest of 1 grapefruit. Apply the resulting paste on the problem area for half an hour and then wash away in the shower. For the prevention of stretch marks this procedure should be carried out 2-3 times a week.

Also for the prevention of stretch marks will help this remedy: 30 ml of olive oil, mix with 15 ml of oil of sprouts of wheat, the same quantity of avocado oil. Add a few drops of essential oils of lavender, geranium, calendula, neroli, carrot seed.

Received RUB oil mixture into the skin twice a day and no stretch marks you will not get any.

If stretch marks have already appeared, to get rid of them more difficult. However, it is quite possible. One of the most effective tools is olive oil with juice of aloe. 100 ml of olive oil mix with the same quantity of aloe juice and add vitamin E, which is sold in tubes or capsules in pharmacies.

This means you can pour into a convenient bottle and spread it over the problem areas of the skin every day.

Well, to reinforce the action of any remedy for stretch marks, preferably before applying to make a cleansing scrub. And it may be cooked again with olive oil. To do this, connect it with coffee grounds. Natural ground coffee is an excellent means of stimulating skin renewal. Oil should as it is necessary to impregnate coffee.

It also won’t hurt a bit honey – it will make the scrub easier to use and will become an additional source of nourishment. Apply on the skin scrub with light massage movements, then rinse with water.

Now you know how can olive oil help stretch marks. We also recommend you to regularly use it in food: thus you will solve many health problems.

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