How to hide big breast

Big Breasts do not dare to call the lack. Curvy bust is the envy of women and admiration of men. However, what the owner of luxurious forms all the time to enjoy the views, confined to one particular part of the body? Quite frustrating when people don’t refer to you, and to your chest.

Anyway, in the life of every woman blessed with a large bust, there are situations when you want to draw attention away from this treasure. About how to hide a large chest, I will tell you today the website Stylish.

How to hide big Boobs with clothes

Actually, having big Boobs is not as easy as it seems owners of modest bra size. It is quite heavy, and thus provides the strain on the back. It visually makes its possessor better. It creates a visual imbalance if overall you have a slender build. In General, the difficulties, ironically, the lack. However, most of them doable, if you choose the right clothes.

1. Start with a choice of bra. First of all, it needs to be in your size. A owner lush forms of despair begin to pull the chest, thrusting her in underwear one size smaller. This can not be done in any case. Breasts will attract even more attention to his ridiculous form. Not to mention the fact that it is harmful to health. Of course, from any overreaching on the part of the increase (e.g., pads or foam Cup) should be abandoned. The bra should be on the thick straps to support the weight of the Breasts, and Cup – medium hardness to Breasts recorded, not a blurring, but kept the natural shape.

It is advisable to choose a model with close planted to each other the cups to the chest are not heard in breadth – it will visually give you a few extra pounds. Bones accepted. We also advise you to pay attention to the corset.

2. Carefully select the cut of the clothes. V-neck – a win-win. With the help of the figure is extended, and you will overall look slimmer, neck long, and chest is attractive and seductive, but at the same time harmonious. Give up a round cut – is a surefire way to add volume to the upper body. At the same time, it is not necessary to wear closed shirts, sweatshirts, shirts.

3. Attention to the color of fabric. Because, as you know, light colors are fattening, and the dark – slim, form set of clothes the principle of “light bottom and dark top.” So you smooth out the shape distortions. Give up the shiny fabrics in favor of Matt – gloss is used to highlight any features and details.

4. Be careful with the figure. Abstain from any large prints in the chest area – with their help she will look even more. Ideally, pick a solid the top. Vertical strip – a loyal ally in the struggle with excessive volumes. So feel free to wear a blouse with a similar pattern. Only let them not be tight.

5. Fabric texture is also important. If we are talking about tight clothes, choose dense, quite hard matter. Fine fabric suitable only for a flowing blouses, tunics.

6. All attention – on style. So, what things will help you in the difficult task visually reduce breast size? Choosing blouses, tops, jackets, give preference to models with long narrow neck, and fasteners (buttons, zippers, etc.) in the center. You will approach, for example, jackets with long rows of buttons, ending above her Breasts. Wear tops with covered shoulders.

But what is strictly avoided, so it’s a big baggy sweater, especially knit. And jackets, fastened with 1 button – they are absurd to go on the chest. You should not wear t-shirts and tops with thin straps, too tight top, double-breasted jackets. Dresses with an Empire waist is also not for you: they make you look absolutely square, and the chest they only emphasize.

To divert attention from the chest can visually balance the upper and lower body. So, putting on flared from the knee pants, you smooth out the disproportion of the figure.

And closer to the elements. Give up patch pockets, large accessories, frill, lace and other accumulations in the breast area.

7. Accessories – our allies. You will help decorations, which create a vertical line in the chest area. For example, a long string of beads or a delicate chain with a pendant. But neck jewelry must be neat, medium-sized. Or even abandon them, turned his attention from the chest in a delicate hand with a large bracelet. Can tie at the neck cute scarf – you will also distract the eye from the chest.

And in order to better understand how to hide a large chest, pay attention to stars with similar characteristics of the shape, for example, look closely, the way you dress, Anfisa Chekhova.

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