How to hide small Breasts

We women are just masters to amass complexes. Perhaps even Aphrodite looked at himself critically and, fingers pinching the skin on my stomach, sighed: “Definitely, cellulite!”. Worrying about small Breasts occupy a stable position in the hit parade of reasons for women’s dissatisfaction.

Website Stylish does not undertake to judge, be objective if your problems with the breast size or far-fetched. Today, we’ll just tell you how to hide small Breasts and present her the most effective. And you really decide what you like best.


How to hide small Tits with clothes

Of course, with such problem as excess weight, can afford more easily than with a small bust. Because the only way of breast enlargement known to date is surgery. But we need it?! Our response to implants: unnatural, dangerous, expensive. Better align with these worthy owners of small Breasts like Kate moss, keira Knightley, Vanessa Paradis, Kate Hutson. Given their income level, could afford every season the breast change: 3rd size for summer, 4th – for the winter… However, they chose to make their modest forms special twist.

You can achieve similar results using simple techniques

1. Select the correct linen. Foam cups, special pads, bras with the effect of push-up was invented specifically for people like you. So why not use it?

2. Don’t wear underwear under shirts. What? It looks very bold and seductive, and these us above beauty use this technique regularly. You provided enthusiastic men’s views. But the voluminous size of the bust can’t afford it, so enjoy.

3. Use the cutout. The V neckline is the best option, in which any Breasts will look tempting. In combination with the described in claim 1 bras no one will know that you have small Breasts. Round and oval cuts are also good for you. Just don’t overdo the depth of the neckline.

Unwanted square neckline.

4. Decor as a means of visual breast augmentation. Draping, ruffles, lace, frill, pockets and other decorations will add volume in the bust area. So do not neglect these harmless tricks.

5. Let the graphic on the clothing also does the trick. Feel free to use large prints in the chest area – they will create the illusion of volume. It is also advisable to choose clothing in light shades. Forget blouses, tops, shirts, jumpers vertical stripes – they make you look really, really flat.

Solid fabric at the chest is also not welcome.

6. You out layering. For example, wear a turtleneck sweater, and on top – a sleeveless top. Or a shirt with thin straps over t-shirts. A great option is a blouse with wrap over top.

7. And now the list of things must-have in the wardrobe of girls with small Breasts. By the way, the good news is, the clothes sits better not to owners of magnificent forms, but just like you. You’ve seen models with 4m breast size?

white shirt. Let’s start with the fact that white fat, hence the extra volume in the chest area you provided. But in any case not fastened all the buttons up tight – this trick will only emphasize the small size. Let the top few buttons are undone. A white shirt goes well with jeans and with classic pants, and skirts.

sweater with wide neck men’s style. Choose the model of bright colors. You will look great at the same time touching and elegant.

dresses with a high waist. These styles are especially recommended for those who want to emphasize the breast and give it extra volume. Would be perfect combined models, in which light top combined with a dark bottom.

a strict business suit. Choose a fitted jacket. In combination with classic cut trousers or a straight skirt, it’ll create perfect proportions. And under the jacket wear a shirt.

vest men’s style. It can also be combined with a variety of things – with jeans, classic trousers and skirts. You can wear it on your shirt or on bare skin.

sheath dress. It is a versatile option that can decorate a figure, regardless of the addition. Provided that it is properly chosen, it any body will look in proportion.

8. The fabric also needs to be correct. Best for small bust will fit fine, flowing materials like silk, nylon, etc.

9. Accessories – too not the last thing. You can use the effect of distraction – for example, to find original, colorful jewelry that will attract looks.

We hope that our tips on how to hide the small Breaststhat will help you. However, the most important thing is to accept yourself for who you are and not worry too much about what to change, you can’t.


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