How to hide the extra weight with the help of clothes

The problem of excess weight is concerned most of the female population of our planet. And the beauty industry, I must say, on it not bad earns. We don’t want to call to begin to exercise and stop eating sweets (though sport and healthy eating never hurt).

Today the site Stylish will talk about how to hide extra weight with clothes. After all for anybody not a secret that well-chosen wardrobe can do wonders with our looks.

How to hide extra weight with clothes: small women’s tricks

As paradoxical as it sounds, but in order to hide the extra weight, you need to be yourself. And to say it should, first and foremost in buying clothes his size. Neither too large, nor, on the contrary, tight clothes will not help you to disguise the fullness.

The figure of each woman is unique. If your girlfriend is nice things are bought at a specific store, it does not mean that they will sit on you. Look for his clothing brand.

It will have to be patient – it will have to act at random. However, over time you will have its own personal database of trademarks, which are perfect for you.

Not all just brilliant, but all brilliant – just. The shorter and safer cut and finishing of the clothes, the slimmer you will seem.

Simplicity is the main secret of the success of the legendary little black dress. And if you look closely, you will see that the best things usually look plain, however, is made according to the canons of good taste.

Complicated things that are decorated with lots of frills, flounces, ruches, which have a specific cut, usually artificially increase the size and deformed proportions.

Little black dress is not the only example of how flattering, simple but quality and well thought out thing. Straight trousers, jeans classic cut pencil skirt – all clothing items from the same Opera.

Try a whole new wardrobe to survive in the best traditions of the classics, and then you are always going to look elegant and feminine.

The classic style imposes certain requirements, not only to clothing design, but to its colour. Please note: your figure will look much more elegant in the things designed in the noble dark colors.

Do not have to concentrate only on black. There are lots of other beautiful subdued colors that will make you leaner, but won’t look boring.

This, for example, blue, ruby, crimson, eggplant, brown, emerald.

Forming the ensemble, preferably, to maintain the monochrome color combination. It is better to avoid clothes that are decorated with pictures. The exception is the vertical stripe – they will play in favor of your figure. Let’s also quiet discreet print – for example, medium-sized peas or flowers.

Large bright pictures to visually add volume to the body parts on which they are located.

It is desirable to give preference to the matte fabrics which hold their shape well. Thin fabric, obtiva all wrinkles, it will present your figure is not in the best light.

Well, Shine is actually a dangerous thing. Its main task is to attract attention. And he copes with it, accentuating it as the advantages and disadvantages.

Shoes is one of the main components of woman’s wardrobe. The owners of lush figures you should select it carefully. Choose the right heel will add 100 points to your harmony. Thanks to shoes with heels your silhouette acquires grace and elegance.

The heel should be strong enough – too thin stiletto heel will emphasize the fullness of the calf, besides, it is unsafe for the spine and legs.

But at the same time heavy chunky heel – not the best choice on the background figure will look even more bulky. The optimal model of shoes simple pumps mid-heel thickness and height of 5-7 cm

We hope that our recommendations about how to hide extra weight with the help of clothes will help you in shaping your elegant style. And don’t forget that the main task of clothes is not masking flaws, and focus on the good qualities. Often notice something you like, but do not look for flaws.

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