How to hide the hips that attach to the figure’s feminine curves

The thigh is one of the most problematic areas of the female body. Most often, the feelings of the fair sex are related to the fact that they are too full. However, it turns out, and narrow hips can be the cause of the disorder. It would seem, than to be sad? The fact that narrow hips give a figure too boyish appearance, rendering her a feminine shape.

If that’s your case, then you might want to read this article. Her Stylish website dedicated to how to hide thin hips.

How to hide thin hips with clothing

So, we have identified the problem: the lack of a smooth line of transition from waist to hip. Also, this figure is often different too cumbersome upper body compared to lower. However, clothes are fairly easy to correct these minor imbalances.

Skirts for narrow hips

The task of the skirts , which give volume to the hips. This mission will do a great job Tulip skirt and a-line skirt. The hit of the season spring-summer 2012 – skirts-pleated: Flirty folds they will visually increase the area of the hips and will give you femininity and elegance. The same function is performed and skirts with flounces, and a gored construction.

The pencil skirt can look successfully only in combination with a long top covering the hips.

To emphasize the line shape is possible, using this simple technique as skirts with a high waist. However, the waist can be left in place. But the styles of skirts, drop-waist should be abandoned.

Use to increase the volume of the thighs skirts with pockets on the sides or in the buttocks.

Using the horizontal lines as easily create the effect of additional volume. Use horizontal seams, drape, striped colors – they will help in solving your problem.

As for the length of the hem, and just above the knees or knee length. Maxi-skirts or mini is also quite acceptable, but again- only with the right choice of top.

Pants for narrow hips

The majority of female owners of narrow hips – make the same mistake: trying to hide your flaw with baggy pants. And thereby achieve the opposite effect. In these pants, especially if they are still very long, you’ll look like you took them from someone much higher than you in size. And the thinness of the thighs to be just visible. Wide leg pants have a full right to exist in your wardrobe, but they should sit.

You will fit flared from the hip model of trousers.

If you are the owner of slender legs, no one forbids you to wear skins, if you manage to combine them with the top of the right clothing: skinny jeans or pants, tight ass and legs, should be combined with a long jacket, a cardigan or a tunic that hides the hips.

Fashion style – breeches – also your option.

And of course, do not forget that the pockets on the sides and on the priest – our assistants.

Dress for narrow hips

When choosing the dress should be guided by advice relating to skirts. It’s a perfect style: a fitted, with a full skirt, sleeveless and without any frills in the bodice.

Dress in the Empire style quite able to hide the lack of clearly defined waist and a deficiency of volume in the hips.

Short but voluminous sweater dress also has a right to exist in your closet, provided that you can boast of slim legs.

The top clothes for narrow hips

Suggest to abandon too large, spacious, sweaters, jackets, cardigans, blouses – enhancing visually the upper torso, you emphasize narrow hips.

Be careful if you have broad shoulders with sleeves-lanterns, shoulder pads in jackets or blouses, cut-boat or wide square neckline and too long or too short sleeves, you are artificially extending the shoulders, thereby increasing the visual disproportion of the figure.

I advise to pay attention on the U neckline and on the sleeve in three quarter or designs of blouses and tops without sleeves.

The colors of clothes for narrow hips

We recommend you to use the game of contrasts: combining a light bottom and dark top, you will visually equalize the volumes in the upper and lower torso.

To add volume in the hips you can also use large prints on the hem, drawings horizontal direction in combination with a plain bodice.

Accessories for narrow hips

The faithful assistant in solving the problem of narrow hips – strap. Especially suitable belt with any vivid detail: for example, a bow or an interesting, attention-grabbing buckle. Can be used as a heavy, wide, elegant, thin belt. But most importantly, it needs to focus less on the thighs, and waist.

Large bag, hanging on the elbow in the thighs also will give an additional volume to this body part.

In fact, clothes are a much better sitting on the narrow hips, so you shouldn’t be any problems with buying outfits. Knowing, how to hide narrow hips, you can easily and effortlessly pick out the right wardrobe.