How to hide wide shoulders: align proportions

Very often women can hear complaints against overly broad shoulders. In General, it is difficult to say is it possible to include this feature shapes the disadvantages. Amid the broad shoulders, the waist seems to have, the silhouette looks more fit and athletic. But at the same time, visually they create a certain disproportion in the figure. Anyway, just a question, how to hide wide shoulders, you have some, it requires a response.

Today the site for women’s Stylish Stuff will tell you how to disguise this characteristic, or to present it in the most favourable light.

How to hide wide shoulders with help of clothes

1. First of all, give up the shoulder pads, linings in jackets, blouses, coats, etc. Their main purpose is to maintain the shape of the garment. But at the same time, they create extra volume in the shoulder area, and you just tend to get rid of it.

2. Of course, any decorative elements that extend the shoulders – shoulder straps, epaulettes etc. – also you are contraindicated.

3. Carefully choose the cut of clothing. So, the boatneck or square you will not fit. But rounded or V-shaped is what you need. I.e. the direction of the cut should be vertical, not horizontal. You will also go a cowl neckline, mesh, halter neckline.

In General, deep neckline useful for your type of figure – it will switch the attention of the line of the shoulders for a seductive breast.

4. It is not necessary to create artificial clutter in the chest area – this will also draw attention to wide shoulders. A variety of lush ruffles, oversized patch pockets, bibs and other fixtures don’t suit you.

5. Also have to give up the adornments along the neck of the dress or blouse – for example, colors, embroidery, sequins etc.

6. An important role in the formation of a harmonious silhouette play sleeves. You are contraindicated lantern sleeve. The best for you style of sleeves extending from top to bottom and narrow top. Fit a simple straight cut sleeves. I advise you to pay attention to the length of three quarters.

Needless to say that the sleeves must also be free from any of the items aimed at attracting attention – bright drawings, jewelry, flounces, frills, etc.? Models of dresses and blouses sleeveless also you will decorate. But the tops and dresses with thin straps only accentuate shoulder width.

7. Choosing the top garments, give preference to the Golden mean – do not wear, neither too tight nor loose, baggy model. The fit of the items must be contiguous. As for length, the best solution is the extended top – be it a jacket, shirt, cardigan, etc.

8. The best way to divert attention from the big top to give more volume on the bottom. And in this case you can help:

— pants with patch or side pockets. Adding volume to the buttocks area and thighs, you will smooth out the imbalances of the body.

— the bell skirt, Tulip, or cut a “sun flare” will also give you volume at the bottom.

you can wear pants or skirts with a dropped waist. It is also recommended to do additional emphasis on the hips with a dramatic, wide belt.

— dark upper garment in combination with a light bottom is a great technique that will also help to make the silhouette harmony.

But from the pencil skirt or tapered pants should be abandoned.

9. Eliminate from your wardrobe of things that make your silhouette square. This includes, for example, dresses high waist, fitted cardigans not to mid-thigh, combined with a loose hem.

10. Don’t be too muffled. Exposing legs or arms, you will make the look more attractive.

11. When choosing fabric, you should abandon the shiny thin material for the top. Especially if they are still predatory colors.

12. Do not underestimate the importance of accessories in the formation of a proportional silhouette. Use them to create vertical lines.

For example, a long scarf with his body lengthwise ends a long string of beads or chain will help correct accents. Can use large clip-on earrings or earrings, especially dangling to distract attention from the area of the shoulders. Bright accent will be a beautiful scarf around his neck. You will also be on hand such elements, as a vertical long row of buttons or a zipper along the body.

However, even knowing how to hide wide shoulders with help of clothes, you need to use these techniques correctly and according to their individual characteristics. After all, these recommendations are General in nature, and they need to correlate with their figure and appearance. For example, it is not necessary to draw attention to the thighs, and so if they are too massive. Not every foot will fit short skirt. It is not recommended to expose the hands of unattractive forms. But I am sure that you will find our tips to use and manage.

And most importantly, remember that many stars (e.g., the incomparable Angelina Joules) have broad shoulders, that doesn’t prevent them to be recognized worldwide for standards of beauty and style.


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