How to look expensive

There are among us lucky ladies who manage to look like on their way employs personal stylists, makeup artists and cosmetologists, and the things they buy solely in the fashionable boutiques of Milan, though you definitely know it’s an illusion. Just this female knows very well how to look expensive, without being a Hollywood star or daughter of the oil magnate.

That is to say – the ability to always look like a million dollars is not given to each. However, each dreams about it. Our website is sure: nothing is unachievable!

What does it mean to look expensive

First of all, let’s look at what it means to look expensive.

There is a good phrase: a real woman must know her worth, but not necessarily to call it.

Trust me, even if you bought a very expensive fur coat, it in itself will not make you luxurious.

If you’re going all my friends to voice how much are your shoes, handbags and dresses, you will be called rude show-off much earlier than “dear” woman.

If you “forget” to cut the price tags on the clothes, you will be considered vulgar and not chic.

Thus, the ability to look expensive is not in direct proportion to the spent on your money.

If summarized, which implies this talent, it can be fit in three succinct words:

— grooming

— taste


How to look expensive without much expense

Let’s be honest. Most of us have a fairly average salary and lead a very average life. But one woman managed to look stunning, and the other is mired in issues, life and have given up.

What can be doneto look expensive, not putting yourself to have to Rob a Bank, get into debt and commit other desperate acts?


— Clothes should be neat. It is an axiom. As if you weren’t low on money, don’t let yourself go to the blouses worn with shiny elbows, stretched out sweaters with elongated loops and jeans with a torn pocket.

Moreover, observe this rule even at home. Habit is a second nature.

To evaluate the eye price of the dress or jacket may not be everyone. But cheap shoes are usually always visible. Choosing what to save, eliminate from the list of shoes. Remember: if the shoes properly, it can last a very long time and not lose.


Forget about striking fake labels. It looks very cheap and vulgar.

Choose a more understated color scheme. Dressed in cute pink or blue things, you’ll look funny, glamorous, frivolous, touching as anything but expensive.


— Rules concerning Shoe, and touch bags. Try to have in its Arsenal at least one expensive, classic bag for every day.

In choosing jewelry, give preference to the classics. Costume jewelry can look expensive if it is tasteful and skillfully done. But the Chinese trinkets will not work on your image. Forego quantity in favor of quality.

— Making your outfit, stick to the rule: less is better. The more you hung accessories, the more you’ll resemble a Gypsy.

Personal care

Hands – the card of any woman. Remember that hands age much faster face. In addition, they, unlike persons, it is impossible to apply Foundation or shadow. Hands always in sight. Therefore, never allow yourself to appear in public with half worn-off varnish, broken nails of different lengths, burrs.

No time? 10 minute Express manicure (to remove any old Polish, trim nails with a nail file, remove cuticles with a special tool, cover them with a colorless enamel) can always be found, even if you’re busier than the Prime Minister.

Makeup of Soviet women in other countries was considered very vulgar. Because they are intensely painted eyes and lips. Do not repeat their mistakes. Good makeup is one that is not visible.

— Not, regrown hair roots, excised the ends, and various “perhydrol” shades – gGrand indicators of neglect.

Good skin is subconsciously perceived by others as a sign of health. Our website knows: this skin is the result of daily work, not only the gift of God. There are lots of “Granny” recipes for you to care for her without resorting to expensive procedures and buying trendy creams.

Besides, if once a sign of aristocratic descent were considered white skin, now in a premium light tan.

And finally, the most important thing. Your image is initially perceived by others as a whole, and then maybe someone will study it in more detail. Therefore, the ability to correctly place accents, to observe the style and keep yourself is a key component of success.

Learning the art of how to look expensive, you first have to learn to consider all the details and to consider all the little things – because it is from them that ultimately make up the overall picture.

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