How to look well-groomed

Natural beauty from birth – a gift of fate. Few of us are fortunate enough to be born with the data that is comparable to the perfection of Angelina Joules. However, I think that if she hadn’t cared about her appearance, she would hardly be so many fans. To be born beautiful – it is not important. Most importantly, the ability your appearance properly present.

Today, the website Stylish Stuff will tell you how to look well-groomedeven if you’re not Angelina Joules.

Grooming – little sister beauty

We women of a delicate nature. Many factors negatively affect our attractiveness – lack of sleep, stress, fatigue, bad environment. Every day, something or the other. To eliminate all these enemies our beauty is unlikely. Therefore, it remains only to competently learn to deal with the consequences.

Basic principles

— First of all, love the process of taking care of their appearance. Many women admit that they do most of the things associated with taking care of yourself, literally under duress. Trust me, their performance will increase significantly if you will do it with pleasure! No matter you walk in spas or in a simple public bath, a haircut from a fashionable master or in the Barber shop, located in the entrance of your house, visit a cosmetologist or use the masks, prepared according to popular recipes.

Get from the pleasure. Think of it as a holiday, not a tedious duty.

Health & beauty – two faithful companion. Take care of yourself lifestyle. Give up the garbage that we used to devour popcorn, soda, chips, chocolate bars. Drink vitamins. Exercise. Find exactly the kind of physical activity that you like. No matter what it is – yoga, Latin dance or Jogging in a Park near the house.

Movement – life. Drink more pure water and eat more plant foods.

Probably, these rules will seem to you banal. But without those principles you will never look well-groomed. Youth compensates for the effect of an unhealthy lifestyle, but she, unfortunately, is not eternal.

Alcohol and Smoking killer beauty No. 1. Women smokers are at the color and condition of nails. The older you get, the harder it is to overcome the effects of a few drinks, drunk the day before and the morning of they has always reflected on her face. Find yourself other entertainment.

— Grooming – is, above all, neatness. It is not compatible with crumbled under the eyes mascara. With a torn button on a shirt. The arrow on the tights. Oblivskiy with the nail varnish. With not roots.

— Well-groomed woman will certainly have to find your own style. Indeed, the ability to choose the right wardrobe and look stunning in any setting is a sign that the woman has taste, and she pays attention of her appearance. Abandon the faceless things that you lose your individuality – shapeless sweaters, shirts — unisex, baggy jeans. Find your color scheme. Pick clothes that will best emphasize the advantages of your figure.

Of course, the emancipation and accepting yourself for who you are – this is also an important quality. But a woman who openly neglects the aesthetic component of his image, deliberately dressed without any attempt to hide their weaknesses, does not cause positive feelings. Example: jeans low waist, from which hang down the sides, and short tank top.

— Grooming – this is a friend of femininity. Do not neglect the various “women’s stuff”. There are women who fundamentally reject them, preferring the style a La natyurel: refuse makeup, perfume, does not color their hair, keeping only the absolutely necessary rituals of self-care. I find it difficult to understand such women.

Why not use what was created for centuries, for the sake of our beauty? Nails with a good manicure will always look well-groomed than just nails, even if they are healthy and neatly trimmed. Moderate makeup never spoil. The smell of perfume, applied to a clean body is always more pleasant than the smell of clean body.

— To look well-groomed, important discipline. If men had to do all of what we face, they would have gone mad. But God created woman, giving her patience and endurance that men are not known for. We can tweeze your eyebrows and not to cry. Remove excess hair with hot wax, and not to faint. To tolerate anti-cellulite massage, not accompanying it with obscene language.

Plan care, plan work, how to write a shopping list in the supermarket. If you have set a manicure on a Monday evening, do it. If you need to style your hair in the morning, get up 20 minutes early. In the end, grooming will become a habit.

And of course, the main secret of how to look well-groomed – to love yourself. At any age. At any time of the day. In any status. After all, to someone you love, is very difficult to treat with neglect.

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