How to make a manicure at home

Manicure is necessary not only to women and girls who care for themselves, he also pursues and hygienic purposes. In the modern world, the manicure can be done in any beauty salon, but many women learn the skills of nail service at home. Like the ability to do a manicure at home is very much appreciated, because taking care of nails at home can save you a lot of time. Maybe in the beginning the manicure will take you about 2 hours, but the period is much reduced.

Also, often there are situations when it is simply impossible to visit the salon and do the procedure. For example, you left to rest outside the city for a long time. Or go to a salon you economically disadvantageous. If you decided to do the manicure yourself, disclose you some secrets to create the beauty of your pens.


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How to do manicure at home

Attention! Materials and tools should be clean and of good quality. The first thing to do some filing of the nails. It needs to find a brush that will fit your type of nails. Use metal nail files are not desirable, they contribute to the delamination of the nail plate.

Right to file nails only in one direction, leading from the edges to the middle. Hands must be dry, wet nails vulnerable to external impact. You should not rasp them often, maximum once a week. Also, you need to remove the dirt from under his fingernails, if available.

The next stage is treated cuticles. It is best to use the trimming method is not getting rid of cuticle, so it will not grow stronger and you do not damage the base of the nail plate.

For this you need a stick with rounded ends. They are made of orange wood or plastic. Gently move the cuticle stick, gradually moving to the center of the root of the nail. Then remove the burrs if you have them.

Pour into a tray of warm water and add one small spoon of glycerin. Wet in the water hands.

Tools for deburring — tweezers or nail clippers need to be processed in the alcohol solution. If you have something wrong and will be wound, be sure to disinfect them.

After you will process, lubricate the nails in cuticle cream to moisturize. Perfect olive oil. If you’re not going to cover the nail varnish, use for strengthening.

Before applying the varnish, treat nail plate with a special liquid nail Polish remover or wash the handle with soap and water. Remember that hands should be well dried. For what would be the surface was smooth, covered the nails with a special base.

Apply the varnish in two layers, this will help it to lay down smoothly, leaving no streaks, and the color will not look washed out. Next, apply a top coat so the Polish will be longer to peel. Dry the nails about half an hour, after covering with varnish.

Then gently erase the flaws on the edges using a liquid to remove it. Pick colors of paint, you buy the color and style of your clothes. Cream, beige and transparent are considered neutral shades. They are suitable for virtually all outfits.

Use colored paints, combined with your lipstick, piece of clothing or accessories. Also, the choice of colors depend on the size and shape of your nails and fingers.

If the nail plate is a little wide, should give preference to dark shades. And when the nails narrow shape, you can use bright lacquer.

In the modern world valued the naturalness. Popular natural form of medium or short length. But artificial or false nails are not so relevant.

Spa manicure for hands and nails at home

It is no secret that your skin needs daily care: cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition. Depending on the water you use to wash hands, the skin cells are saturated substances. In this regard, it is worth to pay attention to the type of skin. It can be dry, normal, oily or combination.

Some people suffer from hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating hands, others in turn always have too dry hands. With all these problems can be easily overcome if you know some secrets on how to care for your hands and nails, as nails are an integral part of the arms, as well as the “face” of any woman

To have manicured nails even without nail Polish, means to always be in trend. Since neatness and cleanliness are always in fashion. There is an example, which should not imitate.

Different length nails, painted bright different colors with a bunch of burrs, coated or covered with clear varnish, neatly trimmed, with trimmed cuticles nails? What to choose? Of course, the second. The standard of female beauty is not vulgar, and modesty and virginity.

Nails also need proper care. Just don’t confuse Polish with the process of doing a manicure. These are two different things. It is better to prefer a manicure done than a sloppy coating of varnish.

Before starting to apply the cream to hands, it is necessary to carefully wash hands with soap. One of the secrets of the cream lies in the fact that proper nutrition of the skin is to apply a cream from the fingertips to the wrist.

The waiting time is absorbed is approximately 20 minutes. It is desirable to apply more layer, and the remainder later, remove the cotton pad.

  • A good cream will be a mixture of water, glycerin and honey, whipped with a mixer. Contains beneficial natural ingredients of the cream are always relevant and help to increase elasticity and protect from dry skin. The application of this cream is absolutely simple: it is necessary to RUB the liquid and are not required to wash it off.
  • The second effective combination of products for the cream will become glycerin, lemon, water and gelatin. This cream will jelly, he rubbed into the skin. For making this cream you need to use a water bath.

The nourishing hand implies every week to find a couple hours to make a mask for hands. For women age or people who have wrinkled hands, desired, a mask consisting of one protein, spoon of honey and a spoon of oatmeal. Its use is at night, wear cotton gloves. In the morning you don’t recognize my own hands. Skin softened, wrinkles are smoothed.

The following mask also contains components such as honey, egg yolk, but even here it is necessary to add a drop of lemon juice and a little olive oil. Also wear gloves to bed with this mask on hand. For skin that peels off desperately is useful to mix a little glycerin with water and add a spoonful of wheat flour.

An interesting variant of the power hand was warm mask made from potatoes. Eating be sure to remember that when a huge layer of potato and lemon juice you will be to impose a kind of mush should be warm.

Also worth greasing the hands of various oils: olive, sunflower. Grapes and ground Hercules rapidly nourish the skin, otherwise the mush is called peeling.

To nails were strong, you must eat right, take vitamins, calcium, and also make a special bath oil and herbal.

In order to avoid misunderstandings of the type of fungus you need to carefully monitor hand hygiene and a balanced diet.

How to choose your nail design?

Done correctly manicure embellish your fingers ladies, regardless of age. For women are fundamentally right to choose the option of a manicure. It must exactly match the image in harmony with the chosen clothes and makeup and, of course, like you.

World the Internet offers millions of ideas manicure — one more interesting than another, but of this number it is sometimes difficult to find something “yours”, but sometimes I want to create something original but often lack a fresh look, new ideas. However, this problem is solved.

Already for a long time the girls try to replace the nail art a conventional color cover. Nail art is, indeed, in some sense, art. There are many kinds of modern nail art: print, gradient, stickers, art painting, aquarium design, body design and many other every day designers come up with something new.

In order to come up with something original, the designers try to combine diverse styles, shades and equipment. Try to do the same. Take a look at the fashion trends of the season or for a manicure celebrities. Certainly, you think of bold decisions and new ideas.

I propose to briefly run through some of the already existing ones, styles and designs.

We begin with the French manicure, one of the most popular designs. He has already become a classic. How to do a French manicure at home read here.

Its one option – art painting. So it will suit everyone. He doesn’t bothers to do the everyday things, and the solemn will be the topic.

This type of manicure there since ancient times. However, at the time it was used not so much for beauty, and for ritual ceremonies. But he remains popular today.

The painting is treated with water and acrylic paints on the surface of the nail coated with a base layer of lacquer. In some cases, elements of the exposition can be so microscopic that they should draw with a needle.

There is also this kind of design nail Polish as the stamping Polish. Using it on the nail coated prints with pre-made plates. To purchase these kits can be in the nail shop and on the Internet — there are countless different patterns.

The design options are not limited to only this list. Do it! Maybe you will come up with something new and original, and decorate your manicure in the home is the most exquisite design!

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