How to make a manicure “Broken glass”

In recent years, the manicure, creating the effect of broken glass remains one of the most fashionable trends. This is especially true for summer months when the beautiful dress combined with sparkling glitter nail.

Manicure “Broken glass” gives women the elegance and femininity. This glass nail Polish is a new trend of nail design. The effect of this manicure looks very unusual, it gives natural beauty and original form.

In the article we used the work of Anastasia Simple Nail Art.


  • Description
  • Features of this design
  • How to make your own
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Unique shiny manicure “Broken glass”

Modern fashionista will not be able to remain indifferent after seeing such an extravagant manicure. To obtain the sparkling effect are used pieces of mica or a special holographic film. The result is a pastiche of the nail, the surface of which reproduces the form of small broken pieces of glass.

The coating is applied to the nail by a specific method of superposition. Reflection of light creates a sense that the plate was a piece of broken glass. Using a combination of colors, changing the direction of fractures on the nail to a unique pattern. After the imposition of the decor and cover the top plate becomes very flat and smooth mirror surface.

I must say that this design is perfect for women of any age. He kind of reinforces the image of a woman, emphasizes her originality and unique dignity.

The big advantage of “Broken glass” in front of other counterparts is the absence of any restrictions when drawing or pattern.

You can even do without staining the nail, just enough to cover the initial layer of colorless nail Polish and put a holographic cellophane. Such a solution looks very original, bright colors do not become obsessive and not look tacky.

In many women the impression that “Broken glass” very difficult manicure and make it only a good specialist. However, this manicure is easy to make and the house, examining the pre-technology process.

What you must have to create this manicure

To work you need to have a ordinary manicure, but the main part that was “Broken glass”, that is a special film.

So, the main elements of manicure will:

  • Transparent framework for the protection and fastening of the nails;
  • Varnish. Its color is chosen individually. It can be very dark or very light. It all depends on the type of manicure. “Broken glass” can have dark shades or to be a little bright.
  • Mica, 2 sq cm
  • Colourless final coating for fixing nail manicure “Broken glass”.

Features of nail design “Broken glass”

The nails took on the form of small pieces of glass, they are covered with a special holographic mica or polyethylene. It can be pearlescent or have a mirror surface. Sometimes, for such purposes, use a thin foil. As the palette of cellophane can be any, creating such a manicure you can dream up.

The surface of the nail can decorate a romantic figure or artistic mess. The shimmering effect of the “Broken glass” is created by reflected light from the surface of the nail. Its different combinations are reminiscent of the kaleidoscope. This manicure does not leave indifferent lovers of fashion Fantasy.

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Masters employ several methods of applying the holographic material:

  • The nail is completely covered to create a smooth mirror;
  • The cellophane coating on the nail has several layers. The result of the nail plate begins to shimmer brightly in the rays of light;
  • To emphasize the design of nails, fragments of cellophane are placed in different places.

Nail design “Broken glass” has become increasingly popular among the female population, because this manicure has no age restrictions. This design looks great on the pale hand of a young beauty and adorns the hands of a Mature lady.

To other positive qualities of this manicure, include the unnecessary use stencils to repeat a pattern.

Some beauties in the creation of such a manicure, I prefer not to cover the surface of your nails a colour varnish. They put only a single layer of colorless nail Polish and then fix on the nail, the holographic image.

The moon manicure broken glass

If at hand is no holographic foil or cellophane it can be replaced with colored mica. To create a beautiful drawing with this material is very easy since mica does not require cutting, it can be purchased ready for use.

How to do a manicure “Broken glass” at home

The creation of such a design is any woman. Only need to meet technological requirements and not try to ignore them. Only in this case it is possible to achieve a good result.

1.First you need to prepare your nails for application of nail Polish. Given them the desired shape, the cuticles. The nail is degreased and covered with a base layer. Preliminary work must be performed with great care to achieve a good result.

2.To get on the surface of the nail a few effects, don’t need to do very bright. For the negative space to suit dairy shades or pale beige color. One layer of the lacquer should be applied evenly to the nail surface.

3.To split a surface into multiple parts, you must use a specially designed tape. After the base is applied, you need to remove the sticky layer. Each strip should be glued very carefully. They should be on one dimensional line.

4.The nails should be covered with several layers of special gel Polish. Usually do two coats of the neutral shade. It is desirable that the thickness of the applied layers of lacquer corresponds to the thickness of the design ribbon. It will greatly simplify further operations.

The nails without the effect of “Broken glass” can be painted with a different shade. Looks very nice in black color. At the finish of the operation to pin the lacquered surface, the need to apply a thick layer of top.

To choose the appropriate piece of mica or cellophane, they can be sprinkled on white paper. Will be immediately obvious which piece will fit for the nail.

The area where it will continue to be “glass”, need to handle very thin layer of the top. It will create an adhesive base.

Take an ordinary toothpick and gently lay the prepared pieces. The work must begin from the middle of the nail. Very small pieces should be placed around the side bolsters. Laying out the pieces, careful not to touch any region of the ribbon.

The coating should be well dried by the UV lamp. At the last stage to apply several layers of top of the varnish. The first layer should fill the voids between the pieces. The next layer is applied completely on the nail.

Which material is better for a manicure with the effect of “Broken glass”?

In Korea, to create this manicure used iridescent cellophane. According to professionals it is the perfect material for such a design. Do not confuse it with ordinary household polyethylene, used to make packages.

For “Broken glass” we need a tough and very durable glossy plastic. It is wrapped around bouquets of flowers. It is also used for creating applications and various craft projects. Apply the nail a cellophane very simple. The nails begin to Shine and attract attention. On the surface, you can create any fantastic design or painting on the nails.

A few tips and rules

To make this manicure without leaving home easy enough. You can turn your nails into a masterpiece, to give them the appearance of precious stones. To simulate the sparkle of broken glass, you need the Foundation of the nail is covered in black and Gothic color. Very nice looking nail with a base of white.

For lovers of bright nail design may be advisable to use the following shades:

  • Red;
  • Burgundy;
  • Pink;
  • Dark blue.

A little dream up, you can get the unique pattern on the nails, which are sure to attract the attention of others.

The rules for creating a manicure “Broken glass” for special occasions

  1. Women iskusiteley, it may be advisable to put the pieces of cellophane on the basis of chocolate color. Nails need to close a dark varnish, and the top apply a transparent top coat. On its sticky surface, you need to put a few blanks. For every party you can create a specific style depending on the event.
  2. Arriving at first date, use the combination of black and red. Imitation nails “broken glass” will turn you into a fatal seductress.
  3. Young ladies and women, characterized by a mild temperament, it is better to use a pale variation. For this the prepared pieces are laid out on the nail in random order and then commits the transparent medium.
  4. You can show off your gentle way and some another way. The nail surface should be painted with colored spots, between which are white. Between triangles of cellophane you can leave little gaps.
  5. When women have short nails, “broken glass” can be created in the form of stickers geometric shapes. They will create mysterious way, the secret of which will need to solve.

What clothes fit “Broken glass”

An important advantage of this design is the fact that this manicure is suitable for any occasion and style — it will brighten every outfit. Manicure “Broken glass” looks great with a strict suit or jeans. It is suitable for even bathing suit on the beach and light summer dresses.

Very nice design — step-by-step master class

Author Anastasia Art Simple Nail.

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