How to make a manicure with crystals pixie

The crystal pixie has gained its popularity recently, but with great speed captivate the hearts of lovers of unusual nail art. They look great on nails, shimmer bright light that is identical to rock crystal and has full similarity with small diamonds.

The splendor of it all, you can not only imagine but also to create on the nails. However, to achieve such a Shine on the nails, will have to spend about 100 pieces of the lenses, a lot of time and patience, but the result will surpass all your expectations.

Manicure with pixie crystals — the perfect addition to the festive and elegant together, this is the best new year’s eve manicure, consider in advance your wardrobe and jewelry with stones.

The author of this nail design with crystals pixie — Simple Nail Art Anastasia.

How to do a manicure with crystals pixie gel Polish

Fixture design in crystal style:

  • the base and top of the Foundation will serve as the auxiliary of the varnish;
  • bezinover, cleanser;
  • primer;
  • dark pink and white gel Polish;
  • crystals pixie (pixie);
  • a piece of foam;
  • thin and beveled to the angle of the brush;
  • the stick with cotton wool (you can replace the disk);
  • fan brush;
  • lamp for drying nail Polish.

Technique create a crystal manicure

1. Create manicure starts with degreasing the nail liquid without acetone. The edges of the nail are treated by primer.

2. Nails reveal the basic Foundation for the gel Polish and dried under a lamp.

3. Middle and ring finger covered with white gel Polish. The rest stained dark pink tone. Drying is required. Repeat second layer of staining in the described sequence, and then dry the design.

4. The basic pattern of manicure will be placed on the ring finger with crystals pixie. To be more attractive produceresults its gradient.

The gradient is as follows. On a piece of foam and draw two same size strips. The first strip should be white, the second dark pink tones.

On the side sides and the border of the cuticle point liquid tape to avoid staining the skin around the nails. Next, jerky movements apply the selected tone to the nail. Remove the liquid tape and let it dry under a lamp. Apply a second coat in the same method and dry Polish again.

5. On the surface of the manicure is to apply a thick base Foundation. It is possible to impose a template or make your own. This Foundation is mixed with a colorless acrylic powder. When the Foundation is ready, on top of it and apply the crystals.

6. Wet fan brush, cleanser and spread crystals on the surface of the nails. Dry in the lamp.

7. Also basic Foundation of the open side of the nail, and them dry.

8. A cotton swab (disk) soaked in cleanser to remove around the nail streaks or blur.

9. The average nail garnish with a slider. For this you need to cut the picture to the size of the nail, wet it and firmly attach to the surface. Extra pieces to remove.

10. Apply to all nails except the ring finger, the top coating. Dry under the lamp and remove the tape.

Video how to make nail designs with crystals pixie

Author Anastasia video Simple Nail Art.

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