How to make a manicure with stripes

How to do a manicure with stripes, I present to you 5 master classes with step by step photos and video. Manicure with stripes always looks stylish and original. This nail design can be an everyday option, and addition to the holiday wardrobe. The author of the ideas of the French manicure is Tartofraises nail art.

How to do a manicure with shiny stripes

To create this manicure will need to Polish with a long thin brush.

Sequins for nails.

Apply a light Foundation and draw dark stripes.

On wet nail Polish, apply glitter.

Just press the finger and fan brush to remove excess glitter.

In the same way we draw the following strips.

Orange stick trim edges.

The finished nail design, apply a top coating.

Well, that’s all! First manicure with shiny stripes ready!

Manicure with strips of foil

Next manicure will make with strips of foil.

Apply light base with silver tips.

Acrylic paints using a fine brush draw the stripes with a feather.

Next, take the clear gel and draw thin stripes — the basis for the foil.

Dried for 2 minutes in a UV lamp.

On sticky layer of gel, apply a special foil for the nails.

Decorate manicure décor and covered by a top coating.

View video — how to do a manicure with stripes

Manicure with blue stripes and painted with acrylic paint

Such a delicate and original manicure is done very quickly.

Apply a light blue base, the tip drawing the varnish a little darker as shown in photo.

Using acrylic paints draw strips.

Add some silver stripes.

Each nail decorate with rhinestones.

Manicure strips, you can decorate lace patterns.

Beautiful nail designs with stripes ready!

Green striped manicure

For this manicure you need all shades of green.

On a light green base different varnishes applied stripes.

Then you apply strips of silver sequins.

Special adhesive strips for nail design.

Apply a top coating. Manicure is ready.

Manicure with blue stripes

A bright manicure is perfect for festive attire.

Draw a Foundation of black color and prepare strips of purple foil.

Glue strips.

Cut away the excess edges.

Apply a top coating.