How to make beautiful 3D art

I present to you a master class with step by step photos and video — how to make beautiful 3D art using gel and acrylic. This beautiful 3D manicure in shades of white you can do brides, as a wedding manicure.

Author — French manicure — nail art Tartofraises.

How to make a beautiful 3D manicure — master class

For this manicure we will need a light Polish as base, white acrylic powder and gel. The decor rhinestones.

Apply a white Foundation and draw the diamonds.

The finished work must necessarily be dried in the UV lamp.

Fill each diamond acrylic balls.

Evenly distribute the ball around the diamond.

Decorate design rhinestones.

Manicure with 3D design is ready!

How to make a beautiful 3D manicure video tutorial

About the painting on the nails here.

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