How to make kitchen cozy

For most women the kitchen for its functionality goes beyond a workshop for cooking. The kitchen also serves as a dining room, a recreation room, living room. And sometimes even the office to the so-called “kitchen therapy”. So in addition to a good internal organization, the kitchen should also correspond to our notions of aesthetics and comfort.

About how to make a kitchen cozier and tell today website Stylish.

How to add kitchen comfort: simple techniques

The first principle: ergonomics

We women are sometimes very sin his passion for embellishment, neglecting comfort. However, the kitchen is the place where beauty should not demand victims. First, make sure that you were conceptually convenient, and then think about the little things.

Principle two: order and organization

Even a small kitchen can be well-planned. Conversely, the spacious kitchen can be clutter. This is due not only to the number of available things you have.

Today, the furniture manufacturers and designers offer a number of storage options that you need to have a rare disorder not to be able to restore order in your kitchen.

Remember: the chaos begins in the mind. Well, the mess in the kitchen is not only significantly complicates the process of cooking and eating, but a negative effect on the mental state.

Use built-in appliances – this saves space and generally works on the visual attractiveness of the kitchen. Maximum use of the wall. Don’t be afraid to hang shelves are very high: on them you can put things you rarely use.

Will also help internal organizers in the drawers. Keep in mind that the smaller the exhibited items on open surfaces of the kitchen, the more orderly look of the room.

Principle three: the purity – pledge of health

No, we do not suspect you that you’re a slob. Just recommend you to optimize the process of maintaining cleanliness. Do not forget about protective pads and helmets for the microwave and pans – spare yourself from having too often to scrub the walls from splashes of grease and soot.

Let you in the kitchen will be used finishing materials and furnishings that are easily washed.

For example, the Wallpaper may be very nice. However, if it’s not washable, they very quickly lose its gloss in the kitchen.

Fourth principle: naturalness

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech, entirely clothed in metal, glass and plastic is an option for everybody. A cozy room doing exactly the natural colors and natural materials. And they are quite compatible with high technology. Wood is always a safe bet. In extreme cases, suitable materials that mimic wood.

Cozy kitchen will make a warm cheerful shades such as green, yellow, beige.

Do not neglect fresh flowers. Tastefully chosen and skillfully placed, they are able to breathe life into even the most boring interior. The main thing – do not overdo it and not try to turn your kitchen into the Conservatory.

Principle five: textiles is an important component of comfort

Beautiful tablecloth on the dining table, cute potholders, towels, bright, cheerful curtains, the upholstery on Seating area – this unobtrusive little things, if they are consistent with the overall style of the room are the final touches that make the interior finished.

Sixth principle: a light – around the head

If the room is dark and depressing, it may not be comfortable by definition. In the end, it’s just uncomfortable. Make sure that your kitchen wasn’t dark corners. You should also be able to choose different lighting modes.

For example, frosted lamp above the Desk will help create an intimate dimmed lighting, ideal for quiet gatherings and long kitchen conversations.

And in order to cook with comfort, you must have bright lighting, organized with the help of point and Central light sources.

Here are a few General recommendations about how to make the kitchen cozier. As for detail, it’s a matter of taste. Most importantly, they are really decorated and made the interior more personalized, and not difficult for you.

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