How to paint your nails

All girls dream of the perfect manicure, the nail went in smooth surface, dry quickly. There are a few tips that will help you to create the perfect manicure. Let’s look at how to paint your nails correctly. First of all, if your nails are uneven, have small bumps or holes before applying the paint, use a special base for nail Polish which will make the nail plate smooth as possible, hiding minor flaws.


  • How to paint your nails correctly?
  • Video tutorial — how to paint your nails

You can use a special, medical databases, which, in addition to protection, have also a beneficial effect on the state of the plate.

Choose the nail Polish is not too thick, but not liquid, to distribute it over the surface of the nail. Well, if it will have a gel texture that will give the manicure extra Shine and grooming.

How to paint your nails correctly

Don’t use the old paints, they will only ruin your whole manicure the appearance of numerous cracks after application and will force you to spend a lot of time to fix all the flaws.

How to paint your nails correctly?

  1. Apply the nail Polish very carefully, smooth movements, starting from the strip along the center of the nail and then distributing the agent around the perimeter of the plate.
  2. Do not enter brush on too much paint to avoid it spreading beyond the nail plate.
  3. If required apply a second layer, do so only after full drying of the first, otherwise the paint will fall unevenly, creating bumps and bubbles.
  4. Lucky with additional effects, such as glitter or sequins are ideal for creating fashionable accents in manicure and pedicure, besides, they are able to hide not perfect nails. But remember that in the future, their flushing will be much harder than ordinary cream polishes.
  5. If you have limited time, take advantage of special means of drying. It can be in the form of a spray top and cover. This product will speed up the drying time of nail Polish, thereby preventing the desired effects of the lubricating varnish and leaving traces.

If you wish to decorate the manicure, now do not have to be an artist or specialist. Lightweight and easy to use devices, such as paint brushes varnish or DotA fan, which is a little tool to create circles and dots will allow you to show imagination and creativity.

And will bring variety to your everyday, boring manicure, giving it individuality.

How to paint your nails

Such designs can be applied on all the nails, but you can, as an accent, only on one or two. In addition, it is possible to work with combinations of different colors and types of paint, choosing the most unusual.

With such not cunning tools, your manicure will always stand out different variations and never get bored.

Video — how to paint your nails — technology coating

Thanks to the author of this video — KrcNatalja, this is the only video on the Internet where it shows really right technology, how to paint your nails.

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