How to pick clothes that fit

There are very few women who could boast of a flawless figure. Hard to believe, but even those whom we consider to be perfection – model, singer, actress who look at us from TV screens or on the covers of glossy magazines – have their complexes and also worry because of cellulite, too wide hips, small Breasts etc. However, those who have achieved international recognition, are distinguished, as a rule, the ability very well to mask its flaws with clothes.

Of course, they are good – usually most of them use the services of stylists. If you have your personal stylist in the near future is not expected, site, Stylish ready to help you, assuming at least partially its function. In this article we will tell you how to choose clothingto hide the flaws and emphasize dignity.

Choose clothes according to body type

To begin with, depending on the ratio of the proportions of the waist – hip — breast-shapes can be divided into several types. What looks perfect on one, can disfigure another.

Type “pear”

This figure has a more heavy bottom part compared to the top: fairly narrow shoulders, small Breasts and is quite slim waist accompanied by wide hips. The task clothes: to smooth out this imbalance, shifting the attention from the lower body to the upper.

What can you advise the owners of the pear-shaped figure:

— trousers and skirts, boxy or flared from the knee.

— blouses and blazers with patch shoulders.

visual increase in breast with breast pockets, gathers at the neckline area.

— jackets, blazers to the line of the hips.

— blouses and dresses, worn off the shoulder.

As for color, in this type of figures are recommended to choose a plain dark bottom and light top. If you choose a striped fabric for the bottom part of the suit to vertical and the top horizontal (not simultaneously, of course).

Type “Apple”

Women like “Apple” are characterized by the lush Breasts and big belly. The task of clothing: to divert attention from the waist and switch it to the neckline or legs.

Recommended clothing:

— Pants, narrowed down.

— Loose blouse with V-neck.

— Blouses and sweaters with Polo collar.

Dresses, tunics, long blouses with high waist.

Closet owners this type of figure are not recommended complex, large figures in the upper torso. The ideal is to choose horizontal stripes, low-key calm figure.

Type “rectangle”

This figure differs boyish body type. No pronounced contrast between bust, hips and waist. The buttocks is not lush. The chest is quite wide. The task of clothing: to visually add volume to hips and Breasts to highlight the waist.


— skirts a La the sun flared.

— classic or tapered-leg pants and jeans

— blouse with the smell

— cropped jackets and cardigans.

As for color, that extra volume to the hips or waist can be given with horizontal stripes.

Type “inverted triangle”

In this figure, ample Breasts and broad shoulders combined with narrow hips and smooth buttocks. The purpose of the clothing in this case is the focus on the legs.

Will fit:

— skinny jeans and pants.

— blouse with yoke.

with slim thigh and flared skirt.

— mini (if legs allow).

In order to reduce the disproportion of this type of figure, recommend the following color scheme: light bottom and dark top. Also suitable diagonal drawings of regular geometric shape.

Type “hourglass”

Here to whom has carried, so that owners this type of figure. It is distinguished by a harmonious combination of the waist, hips and chest. A similar body – the object of admiration of men and envy of women.

In fact, the task of clothing is highlighting its feminine curves. To achieve this, it is recommended to focus on the waist.

Women with the figure of “hourglass” you can afford something that others would not dare to appear in public. For example, very tight dresses stretch, short blouses, narrow trousers and skirts. Restrictions in colors: suitable for both monochrome and colored things, drawings of different sizes, the cell and strip.

As you consider how to choose clothes for the figure, is oriented, first of all, to set off the dignity. Hide weaknesses – this is the second step. Each of us has our own unique flavor. Attention to accessories because they sometimes make the image complete and harmonious.

And of course, remember to choose wisely the clothes people see, primarily you, and then clothes. It underline your beauty and is its key task.

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