How to pick up a skirt on the figure

Skirt is sexy and attractive. In our age of emancipation men are not spoiled by the opportunity to see a feminine-dressed ladies. However, you can make an impression with skirts only on the condition that it correctly picked up. The skirt must fit your figure, situation, and, of course, fashion trends. Therefore, in any basic wardrobe should be at least 2 skirts – casual and festive.

Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you how to choose a skirt for you depending on your individual circumstances.

How to choose a skirt in accordance with the characteristics of the shape

Your feature — short stature

Women tiny growth it is not recommended to wear skirts that drastically increase their breadth, for example, of the gored construction. Not the best option for you will a-line skirt, and a rectangular skirt. If short makes you different subtle addition, these styles certainly you will not ruin, but growth they will not add. If you are overweight, this skirts you’ll be even wider.

You should also avoid long skirts, mid-calf and to toe – in them you’ll seem even more squat. If you have slender legs, feel free to wear mini – this style will give you growth. Maximum allowable length – up to mid-knee. It’s a perfect style pencil.

Better to choose plain skirt, without a large image.

Your feature – high growth

Slim tall girls goes for almost anything. The main thing is to emphasize all the charm of the similar figures. However, very often girls of this type are complex because of the high growth and leanness of the legs.

Perhaps the only thing you are not recommended – too short skirt in this style, you will look ridiculous, as if picked the thing is not the size. And if the legs are too thin, it will be obvious.

Otherwise, everything depends on proportions. If you have very long legs, then your length from mid-thigh to mid ankle: not above or below. If you have most of the growth is in the upper torso, you may well come Maxi.

Tall and slender girls can afford to wear skirts with prints – both small and large, and even with horizontal stripes.

Your feature – wide hips and narrow chest

Ladies with type figure “pear” need to visually balance the disproportion between the upper and lower torso.

Avoid any skirts that you make you wider in the hips. Tulip, a-line, the sun is far better for you options. You’ll look good in skirt classic straight cut type is the pencil or slinky hips and widens toward the bottom. As for the length, then forget about the mini. The ideal length is mid – knee. And add your character of eroticism will help side slits.

You’re the lucky owner of shape “hourglass”

You can only congratulate, because such a figure is hard to mess up. However, you better not break the ideal proportions of your body by wearing skirts that significantly extends the thigh. The objective of skirts in your addition – just to emphasize the smooth feminine lines.

You should prefer a fitted plain skirts, and draped the models made of soft flowing fabric. Don’t overuse large prints – they tend to visually increase the volume.

Your feature – narrow hips

The figure of the type “triangle” is characterized by a disproportion of the width of the hips and upper torso. Like silhouette requires giving it a more feminine curves in the buttocks area. To visually enlarge the hips will help you skirt style a-line, Tulip, sun-flared. A great option is pleated. Forget skinny mini this model further accentuate the triangular silhouette of your shape.

For the shape type “rectangle” problem characteristic weakly expressed waist with the same width of the hips and chest. If you are the owner of this type of figure, you should forget about straight skirts, and skirts with a slouchy fit in the waist. You can help offset waist. Skirts corset style will create a smooth silhouette. Skirts low rise with a wide belt, also artificially adds width to the hips, provided that you have enough height and long legs. A-shaped skirts and skirt-Tulip will also create the right amount in this area. Yoke or side pockets will also help to give the silhouette more smooth lines.

Owners figures O-type also differ slightly pronounced waist and ample bosom and broad shoulders. In this figure, the task of clothing is to visually narrow the line of the chest and shoulders or present them in the most favourable light. Typically, such a figure is distinguished by total completeness.

So the skirt is visually balance the proportions. This will help the incisions or slots. It is advisable to prefer the monochrome combination of colors in clothing. Optimal skirt length is mid – knee. You will approach a straight cut of the skirt or the bell.

Using our tips on how to choose a skirt you will always be sure that the attention of the opposite sex you provided. The main thing – to come primarily for aesthetic reasons and not blindly follow fashion.