How to pick up style dress full girl

A full girls are in a sad deluded into thinking that men only like thin people. But it is not. Men not pay attention to weight, and energy, which carries a lady. And it is formed primarily through self-confidence. So down systems – create your individual image, don’t dwell on their shortcomings and love yourself for who you are.

A site Stylish will help you do that. We will discuss what style of clothes for full girls fits most.

The basic principles of style for the full

1. Proper attire starts with the right underwear. Full girls know that the purchase of comfortable linen is not an easy process. Bra for large Breasts needs to provide excellent support, no rubbing and not squeezing the chest.

Therefore, I advise to pay attention on the model with a wide elastic straps, no foam, made of soft natural material.

Many overweight women believe that the inventor of slimming underwear is necessary to erect a monument. Panties, corsets or tights with a slimming effect help to create a smooth silhouette, disguising the unsightly folds. This is especially true if you want to wear, for example, form-fitting dress or turtleneck with jeans.

Too often, however, wearing tight underwear is not recommended – use it as an emergency measure.

2. It is very important to objectively evaluate your options and know your exact dimensions. Clothing should fit the body shape. Very often, buxom women of sin that try to conceal their extra pounds under bulky clothes, devoid of all sorts of shapes. But in the end look even better.

But it is also extra to stimulate weight loss by buying clothes one size smaller. If you lose weight in the near future, it will be easier to pass it in the Studio and cut it. And while that is too tight clothing will only emphasize your curvy shape.

3. Wear feminine clothes. Often full ladies set themselves a completely unnecessary limit, refusing dresses. This is a big mistake.

After all, what other form of clothing is better to accentuate the alluring chest, mark the waist emphasizes the slender legs? You just need to choose dresses wisely.

Best of all the benefits of the figure emphasize the following models:

— bodycon dresses

dress with the smell

dress in the Empire style

dress bustier

— dresses – gowns

The most optimal is the length to mid-knee. Long dress to the floor will also help you look slimmer, if your height is not below average. But from the mini-dresses I suggest you to refrain.

4. The color black is slimming – this is usually the most fat women learns how the multiplication table. But in fact it is not just for black, but in General, all dark colors.

So you don’t have to get oneself exclusively in black as a crow.

There are plenty of alternative options: dark brown, crimson, Burgundy, deep blue, eggplant, green.

The smooth silhouette gives monochromatic colors of clothing. Therefore it is better to avoid bright big prints, nor too shallow, scattered picture both makes the figure more massive.

Recommended for the fuller figure patterns – the average pea, the thin vertical stripe.

Avoid also of polychromy in clothes. A monochromatic ensemble visually pulls the figure up and thus makes it slimmer.

5. The most suitable for the fuller figure clothing style – classic. Its versatility, simplicity and elegance allow to demonstrate the advantages of buxom beauties in the most favourable light.

So the basic closet full of girls must include the following things:

dark sheath dress

— black turtleneck sweater

— black, grey or brown straight pants with arrows

— a pencil skirt

— classic black jeans or dark blue

— a few simple blouses shirt casual

— elegant fitted jacket

In the pursuit of femininity full ladies should avoid clothes with exposed an excessive amount of ruffles, lace, ruff, frill, sequins, etc.

The easier it will be cut and the silhouette chosen you clothes, the slimmer you will look in it.

6. Shoes – this is a separate issue. Her choice has its own specifics. However, commitment to the classics and it is preferable. Shoes in traditional colors, with concise design is the best choice.

The heel is a faithful assistant full girls. It lengthens the leg, makes the figure more graceful and more elegant. You should choose a stable heel height of 5-7 cm, However, avoid too wide a heel – he emphasizes the completeness of the legs.

Too thin high heels is dangerous for health. And it looks at the background of massive figures ridiculous.

As you can see, the style of clothes for full girls can be very feminine and elegant. Follow our rules and don’t forget to add your “flavor”, which will emphasize your individuality.

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