How to quickly dry your nails

Perhaps many women, paint your nails, faced with such a situation: you need to do things or even leave the house, and the Polish still not dry, and even printed on all surfaces, to which alone should touch. In fact, wait until the coating dries, doesn’t need enough know some of the secrets of the quick manicure that will help you to save time and avoid disappointment.

How to quickly dry your nails?

The right manicure – the one that properly applied nail Polish. You first need to degrease the nail plate and only then to proceed to the staining.

The thinner will damage layers of varnish, the faster it dries. Before proceeding to the next layer, you need to wait a bit to fixate previous.

For manicure it is possible to choose a coating quick action, but for long nails is not the best way: the paint begins to dry directly on the brush, so those who do not have a fair skill, this method is hardly suitable. Most often this lacquer is used as top coating and apply it to a couple of minutes after a manicure.

By choosing as the coating thickened varnish or lacquer of low quality, you need to be prepared for the fact that the manicure will have to redo it: most likely, it will fall unevenly and will dry a very long time.

You need to remember that the bright nail Polish dries faster dark. Of great importance is the consistency and availability of sequins: thick coating dries longer than usual, and for fastening of varnish with glitter in it will take considerable time. Before the manicure, you should consider these factors, then the time will be spent on the beauty of the nails, calculate easier.

These tips will not only help faster dry nails, it will also make the manicure smooth and durable.

How to quickly dry your nails at home?

At home faster dry nails will help cold water, olive oil, fan or hair dryer. Now more about each of their “assistants”.

  • Water. Cold, freezing water will significantly reduce the drying time of the coating. She filled a small bowl, you just need 5 minutes to load the hands and then remove them from the water and leave the manicure to dry naturally.
  • Fan. For fast fixing cover need to bring the hands to the device. If no fan, Hairdryer, which is the mode not only hot, but also cold air. If you try to dry the nails are too warm thread, the varnish will quickly become cracked, turbid and become inexpressive.
  • Olive oil. A good way not only to dry the nail Polish but also nourish nails is to use olive oil, useful properties of which no doubt. For this you need to wait until the coating dries out a bit, and then brush each nail with a little oil and leave for five minutes. After the time rinse with cool water.
  • In addition, faster dry nails will help pre-chilled varnish. For this purpose the bottle should be left in the fridge (for 30 minutes) or freezer (for 10 minutes). If you use this “radical” method, the lacquer not only dries faster, but also smoother lie.

Professional drying nail

Many women save time manicure, choosing professional drying nail Polish – new beauty market. Not so long ago had to dream about superfunds, are able in minutes to not only dry a few coats of varnish, but also to protect the coating.

The point is that the special transparent film which is drying creates on the surface of the lacquer does not allow him to move upon contact of the nail with different surfaces, even if the tool was put on the still wet nail Polish.

In stores cosmetics, you can find three main types of professional dryers: a tool that is applied to nails like regular nail Polish, spray and drip liquid medium.

Each of them has its own characteristics, which the consumer must evaluate and make your choice. The issue price is determined by many factors, so drying can easily cost as much as 100 and 700 rubles.

  • Drying as regular nail Polish

A colorless liquid that is applied with a brush as another layer of varnish usually dries very quickly. As a rule, 5 to 7 minutes. After that, the nail plate becomes similar to a perfectly smooth mirror surface, ready for any test, even to as complex as the manipulation of fasteners”lightning”.

Choosing a dryer, you can forget about the roughness and unevenness of the coating: when applying the remedy will soothe them. In addition, it acts as a fixative, which means that the manicure will have to do less.

It would seem that the ideal means that you just no in the cosmetic market. But it exists. Its only drawback is the high price. If you can not pay for the above properties will have to appeal to more budget options.

  • Spray

Unlike the previous types of dryers is relatively inexpensive. The coating dried quickly, it means you just need to spray on nails after manicure.

In the shops you can meet as a spray for drying of one layer of paint and several. But most of all, he and the other fastened only the top layer, so the bottom can remain soft, which will inevitably lead to the fact that the manicure will leave marks.

  • Drying oil-based

This means that do not require precision application, is used after the nails had gone all the layers of varnish. If a lot of them, after drying each layer, the tool must be removed, otherwise the next layer will be applied unevenly.

UV lamp for drying nail

If you do a manicure regularly, and not from case to case, and even to experiment with the coating gel or shellac, you can not do without such a device like a UV lamp. It not only saves time and opens up the possibility of salon treatments at home, but also provides lovers of perfect manicure duration coverage.

In modern cosmetology this unit – it is absolutely necessary, especially for artists on the nail. This lamp not only quickly dry the gel coating, but also provides the sterility of the procedure, obezzarajivatei and nail, and the skin around it. Choosing this device, you should pay attention to its power: the higher it is, the faster it will harden the gel Polish.

Ultraviolet lamps on the market a great variety: there are machines with timer, retractable table, fan… in addition, the lamps differ from each other by power and size.

One of the latest models – LED-lamp, which allows to reach the maximum hardness of the manicure when using shellac, gel lacquer and bio-gel. The main difference of the device is increased speed of polymerization.

By choosing this lamp, you should not worry about the safety of the manicure: it is not heated and does not harm the skin. In addition, use is very convenient: the lamp is switched on and off independently. The approximate life span of about 4 years.

In modern cosmetology there are a lot of tools that help to quickly dry the nails and return to their everyday concerns. However, in order for the manicure was a success, it was necessary to give it sufficient time.

Different paints can dry in different ways, and this is not necessarily a consequence of their low quality. Scheduling your day so that half an hour remained for a manicure, its result and the quality can not worry.


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