How to remove acrylic nails

Often, in the pursuit of savings that girls neglect the advice of professionals and attempt to repeat what barbers and cosmetologists studying for several years. This is especially true of nail Polish: now the majority of women considers a waste of time and money on nail care in the salon when it can safely do at home. The benefit of this procedure is quite simple, and the Internet is so full of diverse ideas and tips.

Now such independence is extended to artificial nails: if the nails we do have a technician here trying to remove themselves. And not always successfully.

How to remove acrylic nails at home

In order not to lose together with acrylic and native nails, we recommend the following plan.

1. First we need to get rid of the length. Slowly and cautiously, careful not to touch the sensitive skin under the nail, cut with cutters on its edge. You can use nail clippers if they are strong enough.

After you cut your nails, take a hard brush and begin to remove unnecessary edges. Be careful: your goal is to only remove the acrylic layer, not their own nails.

2. In any case, don’t try to just pull out the acrylic if you don’t want to lose your own nail plate! In professional nail salons, the material is removed with a special solution, which can be purchased in the salon. If you have such a solution not, can approach the ordinary acetone.

Do not forget that the acrylic and acetone is harmful to the human body, and even more they’re unsafe, if you combine them.

To protect the skin of the fingers from harmful chemical exposure, the next step is put a thick layer of cream, oil or wax.

3. Attach to nail with cotton soaked in acetone, wrap the finger with foil or use a rubber fingertip and try not to inhale the noxious fumes.

4. Do the same with other fingers and then leave on for ten to fifteen minutes. If you did everything correctly, then after the acrylic, razmahival, he will begin to move away from the nail.

Can help yourself in this with a wooden skewer or toothpick, but do not forget about caution. If you don’t have enough experience, I do not advise to use when removing nail iron nail files and metal objects in General: they can scratch you or deform the nail plate.

5. The removal of the acrylic layer must be carried out quickly, before he had time to harden. If the material is not completely liquefied, repeat step with acetone, or wait until it hardens and cutting the excess.

6. After you’ve done a procedure of removal of acrylic with all of the nail plate and the skin must be processed. Make vitamin the tub with iodine and lemon juice.

Clean nails and apply a good tonic: spray, gel or cream. They must be moisturising and rejuvenating effect. To purchase these products at the drugstore, salon or cosmetics store. On hands apply a good rich cream.

Carefully following the points specified above, you will be able to remove eyelash extensions acrylic nails at home without the help of a manicurist.

But if you can afford to visit a good and trusted salon manicure, we still advise you to remove acrylic nails there. Less chance that you will be left with weak nails, and skin damage.

And skilled workers will help you invaluable advice about nail strengthening and rejuvenation of the skin. Besides, for the first time this is a good opportunity to observe the work of professionals, and then you can confidently remove acrylic nails at home.

How to remove acrylic nails tutorial video

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