How to select clothing style

“Stylish woman”. “She found your style!”. You must have had to hear something like that about someone from their friends. And sometimes we very abstract idea of what mean, speaking about the style. Just intuitively feel: it is!

If you want to join the ranks of stylish women, this article is for you. It website Stylish Stuff will tell you how to choose a dress stylethat emphasizes your individuality and will help you with your beauty and charm to sparkle with the brightest colors.

What is the style?

Very often wardrobes average women have two warps in different directions. Either they are a set of completely incompatible things between them, or is a wardrobe otkalibrovani grey sweater/ blue shirt/ black jacket or something else. Both has nothing to do with style.

However, the way to dress exclusively in trendy things is also not a guarantee that you’ll look stylish. Especially if you’re 40 years old, and you’re dressed in acidic pants and halter top.

And imagine what would happen if you – a lover of romantic dresses – had to constantly put yourself in business suits?

However, if you show up at the office in a glamorous pink blouse and a mini skirt, you’re also unlikely to acquire a reputation for stylish women.

So, we come to the definition of a style. Style means the consent of your internal content and appearance. And the fact that the result must be appropriate in the context of the situation.

How to choose your clothing style: practical recommendations

Let’s say you feel ready to find your style. Now let’s move from intention to action. Take note of a few of recommendations, adherence to them will greatly help you in this process.

1. Lead a global revision of the wardrobe. You have to let that ruthlessly with the things that you haven’t worn for more than two years and hardly ever wear, and with the frankly defective and worn things. Believe me, in any wardrobe such things is full. If you are now 35, what is the probability that you will wear this cute pink top to the navel, laid out on the chest with rhinestones with the word “KISS”? And why couldn’t you have 6 identical stretched sweaters the colors of the Oklahoma dust? After getting rid of all the sink space, the picture is clear.

2. Forego impulse purchases. Now, buying thing, you need to be sure that your wardrobe has at least two items with which it is combined. Thing bought just because she liked you is another ballast in your wardrobe.

3. Find your color scheme. Each of us is several colors and shades. Buy the clothes not on the basis of “because I love pink,” and on the basis of how the color fits your skin tone, eye color and hair. And how it fits into your lifestyle.

4. Get naked, stand in front of the mirror and honestly assess strengths and weaknesses in your figure. They have with each of us. Determine what body type you are (there are only five – pear, Apple, rectangle, hourglass and inverted triangle). Choose clothes that will play in your favor.

5. Prioritize and decide on what you can save, and what not. It’s clear that each of us acts within a certain budget. There are some universal rules: do not skimp on shoes, casual, bag, and also the basic things in your wardrobe. It is better to buy two well-cut branded jeans, than six pieces of Chinese goods.

6. What do you think makes 40-year-old woman to dress like a teenager, passionate about hip-hop? Or why the 27-year-old girl still has not grown out of the culture ready, paint the lips in black and deals with shadows, terrible circles under the eyes? Of course, the style they have – not argue. Only when a person dressed outrageous, it speaks generally about its internal problems and contradictions. Similar experiments excusable in the adolescent period of development. If person in conscious capability between pulls to dress up like a freak, he needs a psychologist, not a stylist.

If you have heard the comments of others about how you dress, for example, too masculine, or defiantly need to work on your inner world.

7. Classic is always relevant! In art, how to choose the style of clothing, a lot of nuances, complexities and pitfalls. Some lucky women the nature of this intuitive sense of style. Others have this patience to learn by trial and error.

If you do not know how to dress, and I’m afraid to miscalculate, do not hesitate to choose the classic version – it would be appropriate in any situation and in all occasions. This applies both to the combination of colors and choice of style of clothing. May be, you’re not gonna rock everyone with your appearance, but, at least, will not be called tasteless.

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Author: Anastasia Sirocco

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