How to strengthen nails at home

Let’s look at how to strengthen nails at home. For every female it is important that the nails were beautiful and well groomed. Now, with the advent of new technologies, take care of beauty of nails is not difficult. But many girls still interested in the question: how to strengthen nails at home?

Not every woman can afford to visit beauty salons, the popular funds will be by the ambulance. They have long been time-tested.

Basically, we live in cities, where many negative factors influencing us.

Beautiful manicured nails say a lot about a woman, so it is important to strengthen them, to create a natural barrier against negative influences from the outside world. (See.Manicure at home).

How to strengthen nails at home

Strengthen nails at home

1. Lemon juice is the perfect remedy to strengthen nails, and also whitens them. You can cut a lemon into pieces, and in his spare time to push each nail in the flesh of the lemon.

And you can go the other way, squeezed lemon juice with a brush, apply to the nail plate in the evening, when all things are remade and you can rest easy.

Lemon juice can be replaced with cranberry juice or vinegar, and as often as possible to RUB them in your nails.

2. Essential oils are popular with many women for strengthening the nail plate. You can, of course, buy ready-made special tools, and apply to the nails daily for a month.

They are produced in tubes with a special nozzle for application. And it is possible to do it yourself at home.

You need to take essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, ylang-ylang. Taken oil must be mixed in equal proportions and pour into a dark glass jar.

The mixture before going to sleep, using a small cosmetic brush, need apply daily on the nail plate. To enhance the effect of the funds, it is necessary to RUB massage movements.

3. Good strengthen nails baths with calcium and sea salt. Eggshells are rich in calcium, so it can be used for this bath.

To do this, the shell must be grind in a coffee grinder and add a tea spoon in the tub. It should be done once every seven days for 15 minutes. After her nails are strong and shiny.

4. Iodine is one of the most necessary substances to the body. And godovye baths — one of the most common tools for improving nails. They need to do at least twice a week.

5. You can also prepare a warm soap – salt solution. And hold it in the fingertips for 10 minutes. And then carefully, very carefully grind the top layer of the nail.

No less useful baths with sea or table salt. They can be carried out through the day.

6. For better effect, as an additional procedure, the nail plate RUB in olive oil. Of course, it may not immediately restore your nails, but definitely will change appearance for the better.

7. If you have yellow nails, experts recommend to mix glycerin and hydrogen peroxide (1:5 and wipe the mixture the nails morning and evening before bedtime.

The same bleaching effect has a solution of glycerin, pergidrol and distilled water, mixed in equal proportions.

6. Note that any external influence would be virtually useless and not a long-term, if you don’t get from food the necessary amount of elements to nourish and strengthen nails.

The diet must be vegetables and fruits, nuts, fish, dairy products, seafood, and desirable algae. All these foods will replenish your body with all necessary.

7. To the condition of nails has improved prepare fruit jelly, eat food which full of protein, minerals, add gelatin to hot soup — it contributes to the strengthening and rapid growth of tissue the nail plate.

7. Do not forget to do a manicure. Nails should be filed only in one direction. After the manicure will refrain from contact with water because the pores of your nail opened up and water entering will act on destroying the nail plate.

8. Don’t forget that one of the nail care is not enough, you need to monitor the skin making the massage periodically and daily use of a nourishing cream. Their hands should be treated very carefully. They should be protected primarily from chemicals, and also from wind and frost.

9. Remember that the varnish is not particularly harmful to nails. More harmful solvents. Be sure that the tool for removing the varnish was composed of not only the solvent but also the fats that the process of rinsing the lacquer will soften and make not as sensitive to the nail plate.

10. If you just want to accelerate the growth of your nails, then soak your nails with lemon juice and use beeswax, which should be rubbed into the nail plate.

In addition, it is seen that playing the piano or typing on the keyboard speeds up the growth of nails, as is blood flow to the fingertips.

To strengthen nails at home is not difficult. For this you need only the desire and ability to make correct and useful procedures in order not to harm their nails. Then gradually it will become a habit.

When nails are manicured, it immediately catches the eye. It should be noted that sloppy, ugly, sloppy nails cause discomfort and embarrassment from their owner.

Healthy nails, as a rule, feels solid, looks a little pinkish. Care and the above tips will help make your nails exactly like this.

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