How to visually expand the room — plan the space wisely

Housing problem spoiled the Russians is a fact. Khrushchev, who, according to the plans, was built on 25 years, and today are for many of us the only refuge. A new apartment is definitely more spacious. One sad – for them it is exorbitant. Therefore, today’s developers are trying to make housing more affordable, the market is saturated with small-sized apartments.

But we do not lose heart! The main thing – to his own! Using the tips and Stylish Tricks how to visually expand the room and to properly plan the space can be turned into candy even an apartment, for its size looks more like a birdhouse.

Tips for optimizing space

In a good cause, as the artificial expansion of space, you have a few faithful helpers.

1. Color. When you buy clothes, you remember that light colors are fattening? The same principle applies in the premises. Choose for painting your walls soft pastel colors.

It may be cream-white, cream, pale blue, light pink, light green, beige, yellow.

But the flashy saturated colors, on the contrary, conceal the space, and your already small room might become a den.

2. Figure. The surest solution for small premises are solid bright Wallpaper and the appropriate floor covering and ceiling. If monochromatic walls bring you sadness, take on arms vertically to the drawings. It can be simple strips or vines of flowers.

The main thing – the picture should not be too large and flashy. This technique will help to visually make the ceilings higher. Plays in favor of increasing space as small diffused pattern – for example, peas or flower.

Any large prints on the walls and space separation of contrasting lines such as curbs is contraindicated for small rooms.

3. Shine. As a material for finishing we recommend you to consider glossy plates. With their help, you will be able to create stylish modern interior even in tight spaces.

Shiny floors, ceilings and walls make the room bigger.

Can also use the furniture with the same finish.

4. Mirror. This technique – from the same Opera. If possible, hang it on your wall huge full-length mirror. If not, then try to equip the room the maximum number of small mirrors. In them space is cleverly refracted, so it creates the illusion of spaciousness.

5. Clever use of walls. Many of us sin that does not involve a huge area of the walls. Instead of having to clutter the room with giant wardrobe and heavy racks, wall oborudo a large number of shelves. And to attach them is necessary not only on the level of human growth.

Don’t be afraid to use the space closer to the ceiling.

The high shelf is ideal for placing books, Souvenirs and knick knacks as well as things from the “store anywhere, and throw a pity”. Shelves eat much less useful area, sometimes performing the same functions as the cabinets.

6. Door coupe. And wardrobe (if no closet you absolutely will not do). Amazing what a huge piece of space can grab only one door.

7. Light. The lighter the room, roomier than it looks. So try to equip a room with point sources of light to avoid dark corners, hang a Central chandelier and place, where possible, sconces and lamps.

Also provide maximum access to natural light. Forget about the heavy dark curtains – they tell you to anything. Better zaves Windows easy translucent tulle.

Also a good option – blinds: they occupy minimum space and can be easily raised or lowered at any time.

8. Unified color concept. This does not mean that everything in your room should be, for example, sterile piercing white or pink. But sticking to a monochromatic color scheme, you will achieve great success in the artificial expansion of space.

Knowing how to visually expand the room, and put into practice these simple techniques, you’re even a tiny room will be able to furnish perfectly, no feeling of discomfort from a shortage of space.