how to wear a bright skirt

The skirt is one of the few constants of a woman’s wardrobe that will never lose its relevance. Skirts were worn by our grandmothers, we wear skirts, skirts, sure to be our daughter. And encouraged by the fact that the designers are not tired to please us, conventional fashionable obywateli, an increasingly wide variety of color palettes, skirts and more bold styles in their styles.

I think you have at least one colored skirt (or even a couple), and you are eager to learn how to wear this splendor.

Website for women Stylish in a hurry to answer all your possible questions and today’s article is entirely devoted to a question: how and what to wear with a bright skirt.

The bright skirt and your wardrobe

This season skirts juicy colors are as relevant as ever. A wide variety of styles and textures (from lace mini skirts to the chiffon skirt is pleated at the floor), pleasing to the eye color scheme (bright pastel tones to searing neon colors) — a bright skirt will be able to pick up even the most discerning shopper.

Another thing is that not all ladies know how to wear skirts bold shapes and colors, it is naive to rely on “maybe” and a happy occasion.

But the secret of success is simple enough – so that bright skirt sparkle on your fine figure in all its amazing colorful glory, you should try to balance the image properly combining colors and shades, and the cut of the skirt with a valid to it kolejowymi solutions.

What to wear with a bright skirt

Classic combinations: a bright skirt + a white top (blouse, top, jacket, etc.)

The fact remains — bright shades combined with a couple of white colors look the maximum noble, elegant and stylish.

Shoes and bag to a similar ensemble should you choose combining several shades of the colors used (color skirt) or a combination (with white accents or details). As ornaments are perfect products from white gold with vivid stones (to match the skirt).

Win-win: a bright skirt + a top of the half-tone lighter/darker than the bottom

It is worth noting that today the combination of two similar shades of one color- this is one of the most popular trends , while a year ago, the tandem of this kind (for example, the ensemble of blue and sky blue) were considered almost bad manners.

Therefore, a skirt, say, bright green color you can easily complement riding a variety of green shades, whether it is a stylish jacket colors herbs or romantic top light lime color.

To multiply such a stylish combination you can accessorize with either beige or matching to the lipstick.

A bold decision is not devoid of luxury and expression to complement this ensemble with shoes and handbags made from Python or snake, and as ornaments to use products made of yellow gold geometric shapes.

Practical combination: bright skirt + black top

Quite stylish and practical tandem. Particularly advantageous will look bright skirt with a black Maxi jacket compare favorably complement the image of the shoes and bag either black or to match the skirt color.


It should be noted that in this case, preference should be given to the fitted models of jackets with simple, sleek cut. In the summer of jacket can be replaced with a top made of luxurious black lace – (it is so popular today) or satin noble texture.

A bold combination of: a bright skirt + a top of a similar richness of tone

The most desperate women of fashion in this season designers offer to mix in one from 3-4 colors, with it, the most vivid. Important to observe the following rule: that your outfit did not seem too gaudy or frilly, full color frills and choose a tailored, concise things very smooth texture and very pure colors.

Bright yellow skirt

Are you ready for bold experiments? Start small — wear a bright solid skirt with an easy fit and start strung on it like beads on a string, bright accents, while certainly not beyond reasonable.

For the most daring: pleated

This is not necessarily a yellow skirt to complement the usual blue blouse and a belt/clutch/bracelet of the same tone: let it be green, turquoise and purple.

Skirt fuchsia

Skirt fuchsia perfectly complements the white upper/blue/yellow/orange/turquoise color.


Bright red skirt

A bright red skirt I can safely paravati with orange, purple, blue, bright green top.

Would look great in a bright red skirt paired with a satin jacket classic black.


Bright green skirt

Green skirt in a vibrant hue, of course, is not an easy thing – it is in itself very spectacular and expressive.

Therefore, you should very carefully approach the issue of its combination, so as not to oversaturate the image colors and not give it a tacky tasteless.


Great green allies include white, Magenta, red, yellow, pink.

To Supplement this is a combination of accessories can be gold or black.

Bright blue skirt

The blue color is almost universal, as it goes well with almost all colors of Kolarovo palette — from soft pastel shades to rich and vibrant tones.

So, just changing the accessories and the top, on the basis of the skirts of bright blue color , you can easily create a variety of juicy images.

Bright combination of blue skirt and leopard print top

It seems that today the question: “what to wear With a bright skirt?” can be considered closed. We can only wish you only good and stylish ensembles.


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