How to wear a little black dress

Little black dress – thing existing in the wardrobe of every self-respecting fashionista. The very concept of this garment is that, in the particular surroundings it looks differently each time, but always appropriate. The idea of a dress in the style of Chanel never goes out of sphere of interests of the designer and is actively maintained by most of the world celebrities and influencers in the field of style and beauty. The secret of his success is his versatility.

Today the website Stylish stuff will tell you some ideas of how to wear little black dress, in any situation to look like a Queen.

Secrets of style: how to wear little black dress

— In the office. Little black dress will work great even for those who have to work a strict dress code. Dress length – standard office: on the palm above or below the knee. Over the dress wearable classic blazer black, gray, white, brown. Pumps – with a heel height of 7 cm And of course, the stockings or the stockings or light black.

This image is quite concise. If you want to make it some sort of bright detail that can tie the neck scarf, contrasting with the overall color scheme, or to attach to a jacket lapel, a modest but graceful brooch.

— The release. If you’re going to a wedding of a friend, to the theatre or exhibition, we can advise you at the same time dressy and elegant option. A thin thread of pearls or other long necklaces, small earrings-drops or clove, a small clutch or purse in hand, hair in a bun – it is classic and festive way. Be sure to put on elegant pumps high heels. Put on the shoulders of the tippet.

The main violin in this way, play jewelry: the more luxurious, the more glorious will be your outfit. It is not forbidden additional decoration on her purse and shoes.

— A walk with friends. Little black dress may be outdoorsy. Depending on the time of year you can wear it over naked body, a turtleneck or shirt or blouse – unless of course dress with short sleeves. And the top is perfect leather or suede jacket or vest. Shoes should be comfortable – because you’ll have a long walk, so choose the option of flat shoes.

— On a disco or a party. For lively dancing till you drop you can choose a more open model – dress with a skirt above the knee and bare shoulders or a plunging neckline. Put the shoes on a stable heel, not to earn accidentally dislocated leg. Fit ornaments of silver and of gold large amount is not forbidden: decorate your fingers with many rings in his ears put ear-rings on the neck to hang a few chains, wrist – bracelets. Party Queen needs to look bright!

As you can see, having in the wardrobe of little black dress, you’ll have an outfit for almost all occasions. And that you could continue to improvise and create new variations on the theme of little black dress, we will give you a few basic secrets of how to wear little black dress the most advantageous for your image.

Little tricks

— Bare feet are very badly combined with dress in Chanel style. Since it is the Etalon of elegance, it is the best suited thin stockings or tights black or neutral, combined with the color of your skin. However, a dense opaque black tights can also be a good company for this dress with appropriate clearance (for example, in the version that was proposed by us for walks)

— The best shoes for little black dress – closed, classic, slim heel.

— Little black dress should emphasize the femininity and elegance of the silhouette, so you should choose those models that fit on the figure.

— Always remember: you’re a diamond, and dress in your luxurious setting. And therein lies its success. Therefore, despite the fact that the classical model of the dress just below the knees, long sleeves and round neck, remember: you can choose the options based on the characteristics of your figure. After all that and need clothes to hide the flaws and emphasize dignity.

— The key to harmony your way – accessories. Pay them due attention. After all, as the style and colour of dress is very concise, and to possibly look good in this, it should be beat accordingly. Do not forget about jewelry. Pick the bag color shoes or belt. Tie a delicate scarf. Unimportant trifles does not happen.

As you can see, in fact, how to wear a little black dress, the main difficulty is to select according to your taste. Finally, one more tip: don’t be too conservative. Use bold color combinations. Step out beyond black and white, not to be like the teacher. For the little black dress chosen already 1000’s of combinations. But still the same to find! Why not become a pioneer? Don’t be afraid of experiments.