How to wear scarf in summer

The scarf is eye-catching and functional accessory. And though most of us he is in great demand in the cold season, Stylish Thing is sure: the summer is not a reason to abandon it. Even in the heat of this garment can be used. Today we will tell you how to wear a scarf in the summer, to highlight its elegance, style and femininity.

Secrets of impeccable style

The scarves may vary in size, and the colors and type of fabric. And wearing them does not necessarily only on the neck. Options. So, pick the one that you like.

  • White skinny jeans, a light knit jumper pastel blue color high heel shoes – white or blue, but more saturated shade than the sweater around his neck a white scarf, decorated with colorful print bag, matching in color some of those represented on the scarf.

This image is both practical, feminine and sexy. It is perfect for a variety of reasons – to meet friends in a café, and for a date with a new fan, and for shopping.

Shades of all the components of the ensemble can be selected in accordance with your affiliation to a particular color type appearance and to your taste. The main thing – that in General it is looked perfectly.

  • Easy short dress black, lace-up gladiators, a small purse on a long chain or strap, and the neck – a bright scarf, for example, white-blue or white-red. Importantly, he contrasted with the dress. In this case, the handkerchief is the very bright spot that sets the tone for the entire outfit, making it more interesting and unusual.

This image is also suitable for a wide variety of events.

  • Black or beige cocktail dress, shoes or sandals in the color of the dress, neck scarf, embellished leopard print. This image is bold, daring, sexy. Scarf compensates for the brevity of the dress, adding to the ensemble of healthy aggression and passion. This outfit is perfect to go to the disco, party, corporate event, etc.

Don’t forget to emphasize his concept with the evening makeup in the style of “Smokey eyes” and a bright red manicure.

  • Short denim shorts, t-shirt or knit jumper in pastel pink, bright blue scarf, pink ballet shoes and white bag – all together looks charming, a bit Flirty, sexy, and at the same time in this outfit you’ll be comfortable to make forced marches in the city or shopping malls.
  • Long skirt to the floor red, a simple white top or t-shirt, denim jacket, red and white scarf, black wedge sandals, black bag. In this outfit you will look both elegant and feminine.

Well, the scarf on the neck is like the icing on the cake-makes an ensemble complete.

  • Jeans or chinos, loafers or sandals without heels, tunic, decorated with Oriental prints and the head – scarf in the form of a bandage, which gives a special style along.

To this ensemble fit long unusual earrings in a Gypsy style.

  • Feminine and charming fitted dress, dressy sandals or shoes with a heel, thin strap, emphasizing the waist, an elegant bag – and her graceful bow tied scarf. The scarf on the bag is “highlight” your image.

Just make sure he has a standout bag, but it was in the main theme color ideas.

Here are a few possible options for how to wear a scarf in the summer. For heat perfect, flimsy scarves – they do not cause any discomfort, allow the body to breathe and elegantly fit into the ensemble, making it an absolute harmony.

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