How to wear stripes

The stripe pattern is very interesting and functional, but at the same time insidious. You can use it as very effective to correct the shortcomings figures, and completely the figure of the ruin. The beauty of this picture lies in the fact that out of fashion, he never leaves. Strip – almost timeless trend. Stripes can be found on the sports and evening, and summer and winter clothes. Wear it as young ladies, and ladies of elegant age.

The question is how to choose clothes with this pattern and combine it with other parts of your ensemble. So today the website Stylish Stuff will tell you what to wear with stripes.

How to wear a striped print

Depending on individual characteristics:

We all like our father, learned that horizontal stripes look fat, and the vertical is slimming. It is necessary to use correctly. For example, if you need to balance the disproportion between the small Breasts and wide hips, it makes sense to wear a shirt or sweater in horizontal stripes combined with a plain skirt.


If you’re overweight, you’ll look good in a dress with thin vertical stripes.


If you want to accentuate your waist, we recommend you to wear a dress with a belt with insert, decorated with diagonal stripes, or a dress where the stripes converge on the diagonal at the waist. The diagonal stripe helps to create the illusion of curves shapes, it is necessary to consider the formation of wardrobe.

Too high of women, as well as thin, vertical stripes is contraindicated – it only pulls up the silhouette and reinforces the features of such shapes.

In General, classically it turns out that horizontal stripes prefer girls with type figure “triangle” or “rectangle”, i.e., enough sports – with such colours, they can add volume in the right parts of the body and give the silhouette a more feminine shape.

And ladies are of the type “hourglass”, “pear” and “Apple” of the vertical stripes helps you look slimmer and more harmonious.


You must understand that the strip of the strip – hatred. The bigger and brighter the color of the bar, the more they attract attention, and it should be considered if you don’t want to make unwanted accents in your way.

Selection of colors of stripes depends primarily on your color type.

It is logical to assume that the 18-year-old girl and 40-year-old woman will suit different types of striped prints.

Very important: when choosing a striped dress, make sure she was not taut on your body. Especially when it comes to horizontal stripes. Stretching in your figure, such clothes would create a completely unnecessary you the impression that you’re wearing the thing a younger sister.

What to combine:

The most harmonious combination of stripes with solid things. Any other pattern combined with stripes is always a game on the verge of a foul, and it requires skill.

We can advise you the best options on the summer season.

Now at the peak of the popularity of nautical style, and it should be used. A classic in this genre – the thin blue stripes on a white background. Mike-a sailor with a long white skirt is elegant, dressy and comfortable in the summer heat.


Striped shirt – always up to date. It goes well with jeans, like this and out for a walk and to a cafe with friends.

The concept of business style striped shirt also fits perfectly: topping her pants or skirt matching and jacket not compulsory – in the heat of his absence allows even the most strict dress code. Another dressy option is a shirt with a white summer linen pants.

In this costume, and breathe easy, and movement are nothing shy.

I appeal to the ladies who used to wear business suits in spite of the Sizzling: the stripe is quite correct drawing, so I suggest you to purchase for the summer white or cream-colored business suit in dark thin stripes.

This season, designers pay special attention to the long light gown, made in a marine style and about the strip, they have not forgotten.


However, the model striped dresses in their shortened version is also very popular.


Skirts and shorts pinstripe is a perfect tool that helps to correctly model the figure.

Well, if you’re not yet confident in my abilities to choose the right clothing with stripes, then try to start with striped accessories: shoes, summer bag, a stole or a wide-brimmed hat, this item is sure to complement your look.

Of course, the combination of stripes with solid things is always a guaranteed safe option. But he’s not the only one. Designers combine very bold striped print with various colors and even with the other drawings. But it is very important sense of proportion. If you’re not sure, experiment!


I hope that we have answered the question of what to wear with stripes. You can be sure that correctly selected the striped thing will take a worthy place in your wardrobe.


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