How to wear your bag: tips for the modern woman

In the eyes of most men ladies handbag is a secret weapon of mass destruction. Its content is intriguing and even scary. Because a woman can hold so much that sometimes it seems like she’s bottomless. Well, for us the bag is not only vital but also a stylish accessory, but also a means of expression. Practicality, according to Vogue, the occasion and our personal taste are the main requirements to the bag. But bag imposes on its owner certain obligations.

About how to carry the bag, I will tell you the website Stylish.

How to choose to carry the bag in accordance with the characteristics of the shape

Choosing a bag, the last thing anyone thinks most women is how a bag can affect the General perception of the figure. However, it can.

For example, large women are not suitable miniature handbags – they will only emphasize the impressive dimensions. And here’s a big bag, on the contrary, visually balances proportions.

Exactly the opposite situation at the miniature ladies. The bigger the bag, the medusae looks at her background girl. So duimovochka it is recommended to carry smaller bags.

The owner of magnificent Breasts should not be worn under the arm or on a short strap large bag – this accessory will make the breast quite immense.

In order not to stress once again the fullness of the hips, do not wear bulky bags on the elbow or on the belt at the level of the problematic parts of the body.

The winner of the tall, angular figures it is better to give preference to handbags without a hard frame or soft rounded shapes.

In contrast to appetizing girls will suit handbags with strict geometrical shape.

Summary: the bag should distract from figure flaws, not exacerbate them. So wear your bag with the features of your physique.

How to carry the bag from the point of view of health

We women very often put the aesthetic factor in the first place, ignoring the instinct of self-preservation.

For example, wear one in twenty below. But still need to learn to strike a balance between beauty and practicality. It concerns including rules of carrying bags.

  1. A schoolbag was not invented just like that. Is this model of handbag provides uniform load distribution on both shoulders, and helps maintain correct posture. Today you can also find some cute women’s backpacks that you can use for carrying heavy loads.
  2. If this bag does not fit into your style, try not to load with the bag that you carry on the shoulder more than 3 kg.
  3. Try to frequently change the location of the bag, alternating right and left shoulder and bent at the elbows.
  4. If you have to carry the briefcase with your laptop or papers, also do not forget to change hands frequently.
  5. And regularly show in the bag audit. Are you sure you’re all those things that are in it, so you need?

The woman should carry the bag easily and gracefully, without turning to the woman with a shopping bag. Therefore make sure the weight of your bag allow you to save grace.

Where and what kind of bag would be appropriate

To do the only bag still none of the women never worked. Each case requires an appropriate model.

However, the classic bag of good quality should be in the Arsenal of any woman. Classics is a minimum of accessories, calm colors and average size. It is best that the bag was made of good leather. This bag will help you out in a variety of situations.

Going to social events, it is more logical to take it with an elegant clutch bag that will match your dress.

For shopping, meeting friends, walking around the city will fit a medium size bag bag.

In the summer particularly relevant bags of textiles, bright colors, adorned with various prints.

A business woman can not do without leather stylish briefcase, which will be placed at least A4 paper.

We hope that our tips helped you get a General idea of how to carry the bag. In choosing this important accessory it is necessary to take into account many different nuances. Fortunately the range of bags on the market today, takes into account the diverse needs and tastes of the modern woman.

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