Indian style – harmonious brightness

Would you like to look over the edge of the Earth and discover the secrets of amazing countries which hides the distant horizon? And to see those who live in these exotic and full of the charm of the countries whose attractiveness is enhanced by their inaccessibility? Of course, these people, but what? What they like, what they think and most importantly, how and what to wear? Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to travel the world, but every Stylish has a unique opportunity to penetrate the world of spicy and colorful India, wearing Indian style clothing for yourself.

Silk sarees, mnogokvantovye long flowing skirts, turbans and harem pants, accompanied by the melodious ringing of numerous bracelets and pendants, all together it magically will make it impossible for our stylish shower, eager traveling around the world. They will bring the horizon and will open its borders for us, making an indie style close and understandable to the European mind.

Besides, we should learn from the Indians love and commitment to traditions, their ability to value and preserve unchanged, for many centuries, in spite of the global fashion trends and stay in this modern and mysterious, harmonious and reckless.

All these qualities make Indian style of dress and life , allure and charming, after all, to enjoy life and others great art, not available to everyone.

The causes of entrainment by the Indian style of dress

Indie style has always attracted the attention of Europeans, largely because of its looseness and brightness of colors, strict taboos and love freedom not to mention the manifestation of its emotions. After all, against the sun, lush jungle and a silk pale povsednevnuyu European everyday life do not withstand any competition.

And treasures of ancient Indian temples, the richest Maharaja bathed in gold and diamonds, the mysterious priests, the Brahmins, tall and stately warriors on swift horses or proud of stately elephants – all of which can turn the head of anyone. And if you add to this the sacrament of the Kama Sutra and opportunities of owning them, it becomes obvious why the Indian stylerules so many European women and men at the turn of XIX-XX centuries.

Looking up from their starchy roots, the British and French, have tasted the delights of Indian life, and it’s not limited only to the commitment to the dishes full of spice and exotic, they went much further, making Indian style a nice variety to your social life.

They liked it so much, you ask? Let’s see and maybe you will impress and captivate some of the highlights of this vibrant and original style.

Having arrived on a fertile and gentle land of India, many colonists of both sexes were blown away by the traditions and life of local residents. Especially their ability to enjoy every day, plants and flowers, animals and insects, to read of gods and sacred animals, especially the ability to harmoniously combine these pleasures with the not so rich and glamorous life. And the Europeans were fascinated by their style of clothing, bright, colorful, cheerful in all situations.


Life is short, said the Indians, the Europeans, and no one knows when and how it will end and what will happen after that, so mortal life in the flesh you have to live with light and joy, despite the hardships and then in the next incarnation you will attain Nirvana. The Europeans and the Europeans just scratched their stiff necks, but agreed, because the Indian style together with intoxicating spices and flavours of tropical plants could convince anyone.

And as they can fall in love with womendressed in simple pieces of cloth wrapped around their camp, not always slim and fragile, but such a tempting and attractive in this bright and embroidered with colored patterns fabrics!

Of course, we are talking about the Sari, this great creation of an unknown ancient Indian stylist. Thank him and respect! Harry Krishna, so to say…to be honest, even a beer barrel, properly Packed in a suitable saree charming colors with elegant pleats, will find the waist and gorgeous hips, causing men salivating, not to mention a real woman.

Oh, that’s indie style as a pious family man he was recruited into their heady ranks!

You know that in India still wear saris in the formin which they were created hundreds of years ago and that there are whole stores selling national clothes? Needless to say, that the demand for this garment allows the owners of these establishments live happily ever after, even with strong Western influence on Indian culture.

Types of clothes in Indian style

The Indian style of dress, traditionally preferred indigenous Indians are very diverse, but it has one thing in common, or rather, a principle which can be called a “wrap, fold and tie“. Indeed, many elements of Indian clothing consists of layers of fabric, the length from 1.5 to five to seven metres, wrapped around the body and placed in different folds, for example, female Sari, male dhoti, which is a hip clothing men, resembling shorts, and the turban, or dastar, saving your head from the blazing and the hot sun.

Everything is thought out in this nakatyvayas clothes, it perfectly saves from overheating, it is highly comfortable to wear and movement, and you can always rewind the outfit if you’ve touched it, hiding a messy area, which is very practical. Harmony in the soul and appearance – that is what distinguishes an indie style from the dozens of others!

The fashion for saree in India will never end, as well as on trousers or salivary, wide-leg trousers with many folds, like the now fashionable trousers-Aladdin, a favorite with tall and slender girls. This is the case when an element of Indian style fitted in with European fashion.

And Indian women love salwar-kameezis an outfit consisting of wide top and narrowed at the bottom trousers salwar and tunics with side slits, knee-length, called kameez. This outfit gives a slimmer and hides unwanted bulges and the volume under the soft and seductive folds.

Besides long mnogokvantovye skirt-sun also came to us from India, as long and wide scarfs-dupatta or chuni, well draw attention to the need and attractive parts of the body, separating from the crowd, intricate pattern and manner of wearing.

And each outfit of Indian style there are a large number of jewelry and accessories, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. All this is perfectly combined with each other, creating a unique flavor that creates just the Indian style of dress.

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