Ingrown nail treatment

Many modern girls, especially those who loves to wear too tight shoes, often suffer from the problem of ingrown nails. It is a disease that should be treated without delay. Most often this disease comes to big toes.

In this disease the nail plate grows into the skin around the nail. This begins the inflammatory process, the nail becomes very thick and deformed. It is possible that at the site of inflammation will start a whole inflammatory process because it got under the skin of the infection.

How can we understand that you have an ingrown nail?

If the finger has become red, swollen, and walking became difficult because of the finger brings discomfort and pain, no doubt is the ingrown nail. There is also the possibility of the appearance of pus and blood.

Many are trying to cope with the disease by yourself at home. It is strictly forbidden, because it could get infected. But if the ingrown nail is not treated, it can cause gangrene.

If the nail is damaged, it becomes blue-red hue. Pus appears, but because of swelling it may be more than two or three times. The pain may be strong and sharp, and over time become alarming, not only when driving, and to acquire a permanent character.

In order to eliminate disease, we need to know the causes of its occurrence:

  1. The nail was trimmed incorrectly
  2. Existing fungal infections
  3. The constant walking in high heels
  4. The disease is inherited
  5. Deformation of toes. It can be acquired or congenital.
  6. A finger injury as a result of injury
  7. Inflammation

Ingrown nails — how to prevent it?

Many girls are of the opinion that it is possible to get rid of ingrown fingernail at home. Be sure that you apply the nail even more damage.

First you need to change your shoes and always wear comfortable and wide shoes. And the house in General to go barefoot or wear Slippers with open spouts.

We must remember that the ingrown nail involves a change in the growth of tissues of finger and nail. You need to immediately consult a professional doctor – the traumatologist.

With the help of some measures can only reduce pain, get rid of the tumor. For this you need to do every day warm baths with sea salt.

You can add to water or furatsilina, potassium permanganate. Then need to put a piece of cotton wool under the diseased nail, lifting it.

In medicine there are several ways to treat ingrown nails:

1. Surgery.

If the disease is not running, the surgeon may remove part of the ingrown nail plate. This will prevent inflammation, and after a few months the affected nail is fully restored.

If the disease has a running stage, when there is pus or blood, the surgeon completely removes the nail. In the future there is no guarantee that the nail will grow right shape, as its growing area is damaged during surgery.

This method has several significant disadvantages:

  • After surgery, the nail long restored
  • After the intervention it takes a long time brings the unpleasant sensation of pain
  • The shape of the deformed nail
  • There is no guarantee that the problem will not occur again.

2. The laser removal.

The laser is quite gentle method of treatment of ingrown nail. Under the action of laser vaporizes the damaged part of the nail and the inflamed part of the finger neytralizuya. After the laser treatment of ingrown nails can be forgotten. The laser kills all of the infection.

The laser treatment also has shortcomings:

  • Can happen the burning of the tissue
  • If the skin is burnt, the wound will heal long
  • After the laser correction of nail for a long time recovering.

3. Treatment with radio waves.

This is the safest way. The procedure lasts about five minutes. Re-ingrowth of the nail is eliminated completely. Heals nail for 7 days after the procedure. No complications after the procedure does not happen. This method used radio-wave electrode with sterilization and antiseptic properties.

For many reasons it is better if pedicure you trust your feet professionals. So you can avoid unpleasant problems in the future and enjoy a well-kept and nice view of his legs.

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