interior design Styles bedroom

Sleep is the best doctor. However, in order to sleep treated, helping restore power and deliver you from the tension accumulated during the day, it needs to be correct. One of the most important factors for good sleep is the decor of your bedroom. If you want the bedroom to become your relaxation zone, it is necessary to issue it in accordance with your temperament, character and taste.

Each of us is unique, therefore, in describing different styles of bedroom interior, Stylish website Thing will not operate with the criteria of “good” and “bad”. We’ll just throw you some ideas, and their implementation depends entirely on your capabilities, imagination and preferences.

The most popular styles of bedroom interior

Country style

For lovers of the rural idyll , this bedroom is a simple Paradise. Wicker furniture, wooden walls, patchwork rugs on the wooden floor – it looks uncomplicated, unpretentious, but at the same time cozy. In the interior of the bedrooms will fit a fireplace with wrought iron grate. Will complete the ensemble of curtains and bedspreads with ornaments, and ceramic decorative plates on the walls.

Traditionally, the country style uses natural colors – olive, beige, shades of white.

Romantic style

In the bedroom, furnished in romantic style with the key bed. Not in the sense that it stands in the middle of the room, and that it is the most luxurious detail of the interior. The bed can be closed off with a rich canopy or decorated with a screen – it’s the area for two, and it is desirable to hide it from prying eyes.

The bed should be decorated with luxurious pillows and a bedspread. Preferred fabrics for interior design – velvet, satin, silk.

As for color, it all depends on your taste preferences. For lovers of bright colors is fine red, crimson, Burgundy and other rich coloration and even black. If for you in the bedroom more than usual calm tone, we advise you to pay attention to turquoise, white, blue, beige.

Classic style

In the interior of a bedroom, furnished in a classical style, characterized by simplicity and clarity of the lines. Wallpaper – with soft ornaments with geometric or floral pattern.

A big solid wardrobe, comfortable bedside tables, a huge bed with a wooden headboard, a dresser, the room is not overloaded with furniture, but not ascetic. Everything in it is thought out correctly and orderly.

Dominated by natural shades of wood.


This style is for those who do not tolerate anything extra , and are not used to overload the interior of the non-functional parts. This situation is suitable if your room is modest size, and is particularly nowhere to roam.

A distinctive feature of minimalism – each piece of furniture performs her designated function. Things decorative purposes are virtually absent.

As a rule, the floor and walls are decorated with the same material that creates the unity of the ensemble.

Oriental style

And this is for lovers of the exotic. To make your bedroom the flavor of the East will help the use of bright colors in the interior – Golden, Burgundy, crimson, terracotta.

Bed with a huge number of embroidered pillows and closed canopy will fit perfectly in this interior. Pillows can be not only on the bed but on the floor, which is covered with a soft carpet.

On the side of the bed put the carved tables, and on them Watusi lamp bizarre.


This style is not for everybody. Not many dare to “let” him in his bedroom – too cold and uncomfortable he seems to some. However, we believe that the main thing – to approach the issue of creative. Bedroom in the style of hi-tech very light.

The walls and floor are made of white, light gray, soft beige or sand tones. Bedroom in the style of hi-tech provides many built-in lamps, which is provided by the multi-level shutdown system.

Bedroom in the style of hi-tech is not cluttered with furniture. It contains only the most necessary items, and they are all extremely simple in form and design. The color of the furniture contrasts with the overall light background of the interior. Furniture can be made of dark wood, and plastic, glass, and decorated with chrome metal.

The walls are traditionally not decorated. But it is permissible, in order to spice up the room, hang an abstract painting or photo within.

The huge Windows are closed with blinds or curtains stretch of thick dark fabric.

And to make the room a modicum of comfort, throw in front of the bed furry white carpet.

These are just some options of styles of bedroom decor. In fact, there are many more. In addition, nobody canceled unobtrusive eclecticism. The main thing that you it felt both physical and spiritual comfort.