Possible to give children a manicure

The nails of a person with the first birthday. The first care of the baby mom does shortly after birth. Mother carefully cut their daughter or son the nails, trying not to damage the skin of the nail. But the child grows and if you do not care for the nails and hands may have problems. The child may be biting his nails, damaging the cuticle, making form sores, where does the dirt, resulting in inflammation that harms the nail plate.

Growing up, the child learns, his hands he gropes all around. Your skin begins to peel off, so no care for them with the use of cosmetic creams for the kids, not do.

Is it possible to give children a manicure

Girls, perhaps, more committed to the desire to imitate the mother. They look like mom and paint their nails trying to do it yourself. Whether to encourage this natural desire? Of course they should. Because it brings in little fashionistas culture of care.

Not all beauty salons are experts in children’s manicure, although the need for it. But at home moms quite capable to do a manicure for her children. However, parents should know some peculiarities of children’s manicure.

First of all, the cuticle should not be cut, and to remove it with the help of cosmetic products made using lactic or fruit acid. Naturally, you cannot use the same cream used by adults. Hair care products manufactures products for children of different ages. There are special varnishes that take into account the features of child of the nail plate.

Should not be used for children’s manicure nail files with hard coating. You should take a softer paper nail file. They are made of cardboard or layered paper covered with crumbs of granite, quartz or Teflon.

Start the manicure required with conventional steaming fingers in the bath, add a few drops of aromatic oils. If there are burrs, they should be carefully removed, taking care not to damage the skin. The cuticle area should be treated by clearing away her nail at the base.

The nail should not be cut to the ground, you should leave about a centimeter, so as not to create painful sensations, and has not provoked the formation of the cuticle.

And here comes the most pleasant for a child, especially girls, the time of coating. By the way, to nourish the nail plate and the boys to cover the nail varnish on vitamin basis.

The first layer of the manicure is a protective lacquer or a vitamin. It serves as the base coating, which can be both separate and to serve as a base for colored nail Polish. Nails girls can decorate picture, stickers, and top coat them with a protective lacquer.

And here is the last stage, when mom puts on the hands of his baby cream. Massaging each finger, carefully RUB the cream or the lotion to dry completely.

Making the child a manicure, mothers not only protect his hands, but also wean them away from bad habits, such as nail biting, who would want to spoil your beautiful nails. And burrs will be formed less often.

Some tips manicure for kids

Do not use too bright nail polishes in the age of 7-9 years. On a small children’s nails, it looks pretentious. It is better to use paints soft pastels. And drawings can be themed.

For example, if a child goes to a birthday, in the design you can use balloons, flowers or funny faces. If the school has no strict dress code, on September 1, nails little fashionista can decorate image books, a globe, a bouquet of flowers or the school Board.

Wherever made children’s manicure in the beauty salon or at home, it needs to be very careful. It is not necessary to cause pain in a child and not to discourage his desire to care for the hands. The result of these procedures will be healthy nails, manicured hands.

Video tutorial — how to make children’s manicure


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