Japanese manicure “Masura”

Japanese manicure Masura is a set of tools for comprehensive care for hands and nails. Thanks to him, the skin on the hands and nails are not only beautiful, but also healthy. So what is in the kit?

The main difference from other techniques is that this set is for the care of hands consists entirely of natural components. Included in the composition of the essential oil, herbs, pearl powder, wax and beneficial marine elements. Due to this composition the specialists of this technique is called eco-manicure.

It is especially important to do this manicure, if you want to restore the nails after a serious injury, which include: removal of artificial nails or lack of vitamins in the body. Masura intended to make them healthy and strong, which allows you to make stunning nail designs.

The procedure of applying nail Polish on Japanese technology is not complicated and can be performed at home. It doesn’t take too much time. You only need to buy a set Masura. It costs a lot, but gives a stunning effect.

In the standard set for manicure Masura has:

  • Pasta with minerals and wax. It heals the cracks and restores the skin, making it smooth and smooth. Marine elements have a nourishing effect on the nail plate.
  • Powder for polishing. Make the plates smooth and shiny.
  • Nail file made of calf leather or leather-substitute. Look like boats, they Polish the nails.
  • Sticks to shift the cuticle is made of orange tree. They can put paste and polishing powder.
  • To make the manicure even more effective, you will need a serum and a moisturizing oil. Sometimes they are also included in the kit.

A positive influence on nails already noticeable at 3-4 times after the manicure. They start to look healthy and strong, do not break and flake. The skin becomes smooth, smooth and beautiful. Usually the procedure is repeated 1 time 4 weeks. One set may be enough for about 200 manicures.

The stages of the manicure Masura following:

  • To soften the skin do warm baths;
  • a polishing block is removed from the skin of the bundle on the nails and give them a certain shape;
  • push back the cuticle wooden sticks;
  • lubricate nails vitamin serum;
  • then apply the paste with the minerals;
  • further, according to the nail plates distribute the powder using polishing nail file;
  • in the end doing hand massage with warm herbal ball to soothe the skin.

After the action of the handle look great! Suggest also to read about Christmas nail designs.