Jeans +: set for the fuller figure

Denim clothing is so popular and loved by women that, perhaps, it is difficult to find the fair sex, which would have included at least one denim piece. However, the winner of the full figure often needlessly limit yourself and use jeans as a domestic or country clothes.

Website Stylish authority said: jeans are not contraindicated! The most important thing is to pick the right jeans model and to make a good ensemble. About what to wear with jeans full, we’ll talk today.

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Quality, chosen according to the shape of jeans is a basic thing in any wardrobe. Their self-respecting female should be at least two. Therefore, without complexes! Jeans deserve a better life than country link. They can become part of both a business and casual and evening sets.

1. Business casual. Not long ago, the combination of jeans and jacket was considered vulgar and tasteless. Today this ensemble is related to one of the most classic. Well-fitting, straight or slightly flared jeans with a neutral (black or dark blue) colors complete with a fitted jacket and sleek pumps medium heel will make you slimmer, but also accentuate the feminine curves of your figure. Under the jacket you can wear a turtleneck, top, blouse, in General, all that your heart desires and that fits the occasion.

2. Embodied femininity. Tunic is not for nothing loved by modern women of fashion. This garment is like no other allows you to intrigue, highlighting the advantages and skillfully camouflaged. Today presents such a variety of different tunics that you will not be difficult to choose your model.

Purchase long warm tunic, which you can combine with straight jeans, wearing a turtleneck under it. This kit will fit for the office, if you don’t have too strict a dress code for shopping, meetings with friends. And the thin bright tunic of flowing fabrics along with jeans can make festive kit, if you Supplement it with appropriate accessories.

I advise you to pay attention to the version of the tunic with a high waist and length to mid-thigh. This model will emphasize the main advantage of a curvy figure, seductive Breasts. Loose and flowing folds will hide the full hips and imperfect forms of the stomach.

3. Jeans is never too much. Set consists of denim jeans and also the trench or jacket – it is quite suitable solution for buxom ladies. Only its parts must necessarily be matched color to color. This way you will be able to visually pull the silhouette, making your figure will look slimmer. Jeans choose dark colors – they’re slimming. And remember that the jacket should be fitted and not cropped.

4. Cozy kit. If you will complement jeans long cardigan, heeled ankle boots and stylish decorations, you will make a wonderful casual ensemble, which will not be anything extra. Long top will hide the “breeches” at the hips, which is so often the subject of experiences full of women. It’s best if you emphasize the waist with her sash or belt.

5. Classic. Perhaps the most frequent neighbor of jeans is a white shirt. And despite the fact that the white color makes the kit you recommended. Fitted light blouse will accentuate the feminine proportions, seductive bust. Just don’t zip up in any case her tightly to the last button.

This kit is especially recommended to owners of the type of figure “pear” — it will help visually balance out its proportions.

6. Unassuming. One of the easiest and most versatile combination is a set of jeans and turtleneck-noodles. It can be augmented with pumps, booties, boots or moccasins – choose shoes according to the situation. Importantly, no jeans or turtleneck is not too tight and not meant in every crevice of your body. Vertical lines on the turtleneck will make the silhouette slimmer and fitted silhouette of the ensemble will help accentuate the femininity of the figure.

7. Cocktail option. Classic jeans complete with a dressy top and evening shoes will make an elegant set that is ideal for presentations, corporate events or dinner with a fan after work. In this case the black color of your outfit will be as relevant as ever. Be sure to emphasize the chest and neck with V-neckline, and hands decorate the bracelets. You’ll be irresistible.

As you can see, there are many options of what and how to wear a jeans full. And not just old sweater or t-shirt your boyfriend can make them a decent company. Don’t be afraid of experiments, forget their inhibitions and boldly wear jeans with the realization that you are irresistible.