Kitchen in classic style: good taste is always in fashion

Kitchen for the modern woman is not just a workshop for cooking. In the kitchen we spend a lot of time. There are going for big Sunday dinners all family members. Here’s good with my friends speaking ill of a mutual friend over a glass of wine. And you can just relax in solitude after a busy day with a Cup of mint tea. In any event, the kitchen must meet two main requirements – to be quite functional and fit to the inner world of the mistress.

Today the market offers a huge variety of different styles and themes of kitchens but the most popular is the kitchen in a classic style. What her inherent traits, and to some people it will suit, tells you website Stylish Stuff in this article.


Features of the classical style

Classic style originated in the XVII century and embodied the best legacy of Ancient Rome and Greece. Classic style is a conglomerate of comfort and discreet luxury.

Of course, the classic style, while maintaining its overall concept, is influenced by environment and time. However, regardless of whether the style is the personification of Italian, or English, or German classic, it carries the principle of harmony and reliability.

Some people prefer the classics? First of all, those who appreciate the tranquility, stability and comfort. If you love order, symmetry, and may even be somewhat conservative, kitchen in classic style is the best for you.

The characteristics of the kitchens in classic style

In the first place in the interior of the kitchen, made in classic style, is practicality.

On the one hand, to the hostess were comfortable, the kitchen should be equipped with the latest technology, and the design should be ergonomic. Comfort food such careful attention to detail – from the layout of the furniture to the handles on the Cabinet doors.

On the other hand, the combination of furniture and technology – the fundamental principle of the design of the kitchen in a classic style. And the formation of the interior like the kitchen you need to consider and this moment, or violated the whole ensemble. However, thanks to the device of such food that is not too difficult to achieve.

However, functionality is not to the detriment of aesthetics. Elegant simplicity, unobtrusive style and exquisite taste are the hallmarks of the kitchen in a classic style.

The furniture in this kitchen made of wood – solid or from its combination with veneer. Colors may be different – so the focus is primarily on their own preferences.

So, the furniture in the kitchen is decorated in Italian classic style and is likely to be made from ash with patina. Patina is a special film that creates the effect of “noble rust”. Thanks to such combination of the interior like the kitchen will be traced vintage appeal that matches the classic style of the marks of time in the classics very welcome.

For the manufacture of kitchens in classic style are applied and other types of wood – cherry, oak, walnut, etc. However, alternatively, it is possible to use a special film material that mimic wood.

The facades of the kitchen, made in classic style, usually decorated with something. The traditional decorative elements – stained glass and fusing. Another good solution to decorate the facade of “grating”. He has both aesthetic (makes a bright touch to the space) and practical (allows the enclosure to freely ventilated) load.

As for the furniture, it can be decorated with artificial gold, exquisite carving, inlays stylish.

The decor of this cuisine may be the use of stucco, marble, silk, carved decorations.

As for equipment and utensils. It is best not to disturb the ensemble, to buy kitchen utensils, made in retro style. Since the market is quite saturated with these models: having all the advantages of modern equipment, however, they visually refer to the past. Another option is to minimize the use of open surfaces for storage. That is why the kitchen in classic style provides so many drawers and niches.

A distinctive feature of the kitchens in classic style – they are always relevant and with the times, like expensive wine, just added to the price. They are virtually impossible to get tired. They will not go out of fashion. There will always be a benchmark of good taste and the admiration of friends and acquaintances. And most importantly, in this kitchen a pleasure to be: it has a surprisingly quiet and intimate atmosphere. So if you want to arrange your kitchen, so to speak, in the century, choose a classic style and don’t think. Guarantee you won’t regret it!