20 leopard manicure

Agree that every girl has a handbag, shoes, swimsuit or dress in leopard print. So why not do a leopard print manicure? In fact, it is not difficult even for beginners. Leopard manicure it turns out equally beautiful and long nails, and short.

Animal prints like leopard and Zebra, are often used in the fashion industry that they have long ceased to be only natural colors. You can find them in any color and shade.


  • How to do leopard print manicure
  • Varieties of manicure
  • Manicure using stamp — stamping
  • Leopard print nails with stickers
  • Leopard manicure photo gallery

How to do leopard print manicure

1. First you need to prepare varnishes of suitable flowers and orange stick. Who knows how to use a brush, I advise you to draw with a brush and acrylic paints. Brush we need a number 0 or number 1.

Drawn with a brush print looks more natural and sleeker. But if you decide to try it for the first time, you can put a picture orange stick or a simple toothpick.

2. You first need to paint your nails the base coat, then the main varnish. Paint over each nail it is necessary in 2 times.

3. When the varnish is dry, in a chaotic manner, draw spots of different sizes.

If the spots turned out not smooth, do not despair, this does not spoil our picture. Try to start to draw patterns on paper.

4. Paint or varnish black color make the stroke dashed lines, as shown in the figure.

That’s all, nothing complicated, the drawing is ready. Now you can apply patterns on nails and don’t forget to cover the top coating or clear lacquer.

Leopard manicure and French

If you are a lover of more modest manicure or office you urgently need a manicure, then you can complement a jacket with a leopard print. Let’s see how it can be done. This leopard manicure is always elegant and stylish.

And such a bright jacket with leopard print suitable for any party.

Leopard print manicure in red

That manicure for girls who want to be always the center of attention! Here it is important not to overdo it, after all, a leopard print, and bright red is always a bit aggressive.

Feel free to choose this leopard print manicure if you need to feel like a real predator.

Leopard manicure on long nails

Leopard manicure on short nails

If you don’t have long or nails, do not worry. On short nails can also make a beautiful leopard print manicure.

You can apply a pattern on all the nails, and can be, for example, only two of the nail and to complement the pattern rhinestones or stones.

Leopard manicure using stamp — stamping

With this new trends in nail art — stamping — you can quickly and easily create original drawings on the nails, including a leopard manicure.

The stamping includes:

  1. Stamp
  2. Disk with 10 prints
  3. Scraper
  4. Lucky

Let’s see how to use this set to do manicures, leopard print nails acrylic. Also shown acrylic molding and piercing nails.

Leopard manicure with stickers

Another way to create a quick leopard manicure is using special stickers.

Leopard manicure photo