leopard print: add exotic

Concept leopard ruthlessly exploited by designers and designers for more than one season. Leopard print is practically eternal trend. The best way to draw attention to his precious person to add to the outfit of the predatory colors. But this should be done thoughtfully and carefully, if you don’t want your image was read some unwanted overtones.

Today, the website Stylish Stuff will teach you how and what to wear with leopard print.

How to wear leopard print: the Golden rules

Afford to wear a leopard can any woman, regardless of shape and age. The question is how to present it. Following our recommendations, you will be able to do it in the most favorable way.

There are a number of mandatory common rules for the wearing of such colours, which need to comply with rigorously.

1. To your ensemble with a leopard must be one or the other. For you to decide, be it a bag, dress, headband, bracelet or shoes. The most important thing – moderation: in fact it is an obligatory companion of good taste.

Sometimes the appropriate combination of two things leopard – but their figure should be identical. And let one of the things that will only stroke. For example, you can combine shoes and leopard belt. Or bag and tape on the head.

2. Leopard print does not tolerate the neighborhood with the other drawings. Attempt to combine it with peas, a flower, a cell, or, as already mentioned in section 1, another variation on the theme of leopard, is doomed to failure.

3. The thing with leopard print draws attention to the part of the body on which it is worn. So first of all decide whether this is for you. For example, if you are overweight, you should not wear a dress with the colors if you don’t want to become like the fat lazy leopard. If you have wide hips, a skirt with leopard print this fact will aggravate. In General, the concept is clear to you.

4. By itself, the leopard print looks very rich and luxurious. But only on high-quality fabrics. Cheap synthetic will negate the entire effect should produce this color.

5. Everything has its place. Including leopard print. Let’s face it: under the business style of this drawing fits with difficulty. Leopard print is more of an evening option.

Now move on to more specific examples, like what to wear with leopard print.

If we talk about the classic combination of colors in this picture (beige and black), the most appropriate would be a combination of it with black, brown, beige, gray, white, coffee color.

The combination of leopard print with the red is also very stylish, bold and sexy, although requires special attention in the selection of all items in the ensemble.

Looks very interesting combination of leopard with a deep blue color. But now, designers are more democratic approach to color combinations within leopard print: traditional beige and black are replaced with grey, blue, purple and other original options.

In this case, it is in your closet are required to attend those colors, which are represented in leopard colors.

Combining leopard print with the other parts of your wardrobe, try not to be too clever by half and keep everything the same Golden principle of moderation. If you wear a leopard dress, then everything else must be plain: and shoes, and bag, and jacket, and tights – the most neutral color.

If you use leopard shoes, let the dress be plain. Leopard print scarf will perfectly complement a simple ensemble consisting of a jacket coffee color and dark demons.

Ie if the leopard print is dominant, the other details should be as simple and neutral. And accessories leopard enliven even the most formal outfit. In General, keep the balance.

By the way, this also applies to makeup including. Makeup, first, you need to choose in accordance with the situation. And secondly, it should not be too challenging. Looks perfect with leopard print make-up in beige, brown or Golden tones. Paint a bright lip, you’ll look very predatory and sexy, especially when combined with a manicure of the same color. Just remember: bright Polish looks impressive only on short nails.

I hope that with the help of our article you figured out how and what to wear with leopard print. Skillfully diluting them your closet, you’ll always look stunning.

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