Lingerie-style is only for the brave girls

Underwear style is feminine, edgy, sexy. No wonder it is preferred by many Hollywood stars. The website sure you’re not worse! So, too, have the right to test it in your own wardrobe. Just for starters let’s look at what it is.

Where the Shoe pinches

We can say that the most distant ancestor of the linen style in its modern sense is a European fashion of the mid-19th century. Air flowing outfits, made of cotton and decorated with lace, pastel cream and dairy shades, which were worn by the aristocracy, much like what is now usually classified as lingerie-style.

As for the present, the first hints of lingerie-style manifested in the works of the flamboyant fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Then, Versace has released a collection of clothes, designed in this style.

And that’s since the 90-ies of lingerie-style gradually captured the minds and hearts of women.

Features a linen style

As is evident from the name, this style is reminiscent of lingerie. It is made mainly from silk, satin and cotton. Also held in high esteem by designers, specializing in clothes in the linen style, guipure and lace, which are used for decorating clothes.

The most relevant shades for the linen style – delicate pastelpink, ivory, white, coffee with milk. However, in recent years, designers have increasingly interpreted the concept of an underwear style, delighting fashionistas with outfits of saturated colors — turquoise, scarlet, deep blue, purple, fuchsia, etc.


The most typical representatives of the linen style — light Lacy tank tops with thin straps, dresses reminiscent of nightwear, silk corsets. Underwear style encouraged open back and shoulders. And anyway, nudity is a part of the fashion trends. However there is a catch.

  • First, before the Stripping, you need to be sure that others will enjoy.
  • Secondly, it is important not to cross the line between subtle eroticism and blatant vulgarity. If you don’t want to look like a model, escaped with the presentation of the collection the Jean-Paul Gaultier (it was quite a sight, I must say), listen to our advice.

How to use clothes in the linen style in your wardrobe

To make a truly sexy, you need to combine clothes in the linen style garments another story.

For example, a linen top with lace trim — not a thing but a godsend. It looks impressive with almost anything. For example, with jeans. Skinny jeans, studs, top, clutch and evening ready.


The same top turns into an element of a business suit, if you hide it under a jacket. Can wear it with skirt and with trousers. Flirty peek-a-Boo neckline lace will excite men’s imagination and make the look less uptight and unapproachable.

And if you combine this top with a cardigan, you get a practical outfit for each day in which you can go on shopping and meeting with friends, out for a walk.

In the summer, when it’s unbearably hot, flowing light cotton tops can be a great asset. They can be safely combined with Capri pants or shorts, shoes, sandals or ballet flats. And to make the image more vivid and summer, don’t forget about the large jewelry of semi-precious stones, polymer clay or plastic.


Tops corset is a classic element of evening clothes. They look great in the ensemble with trendy pants trousers. Certainly high heels. However, their similarly, you can wear under jackets. No less impressive it will look with things from floor-length skirts. Due to the fact that corsets tighten and visually enlarge the Breasts, they help in the formation of a smooth, feminine silhouette. Therefore, in this outfit you’ll look like a ancient goddess, descended to mere mortals.

And, of course, can not be said about the classics — long, flowing dress with thin straps bare back. It looks great with sandals on high heels and necessarily requires jewelry.

Successfully adding things in the linen style, you will be able to create unique in their feminine and elegance look.