Liquid nail Polish remover — how to choose

Liquid for removal of varnish remains an indispensable item in every women’s purse. Without this seemingly simple tools, you cannot create a beautiful and unique manicure. Always remember that to choose such a remedy should be very carefully and cautiously, because it is not just a cosmetic liquid that removes old varnish from the surface of the nail, but ordinary solvent, like all paint products, but of course with a more lenient structure.


  • How to choose a liquid for removing varnish
  • Manufacturers of liquid — which is better?

Types and characteristics of the liquid varnish remover

Today liquid nail Polish remover have a completely different composition. And not only all known acetone, but other similar solvent components. No matter how gentle and advanced they may be, still there is a risk of negative impact on the structure of the nails and skin.

And risks can be associated with the following problems:

  1. Allergic reactions to the part;
  2. Drying of the nail plate;
  3. The depletion of the nail.
  4. Bundle;
  5. The porosity and roughness structure of the nail surface.

Liquid, removing nail Polish, long appeared in ladies ‘ everyday life and usage remained always the same. In this article we will discuss several types of these products: the usual — liquid sold in bottles and the bubbles, also produced in the form of a gel.

The first of the above — liquid, focus should not be, because many girls know about it almost all. But other options can be considered in more detail.

The liquid or gel to remove old varnish is more practical and very easy to use: each tube comes with a pump dispenser, which will allow not only to use the right amount of money, but to save it.

Very similar to the above described means, the cream the same purpose. To apply this remedy only to the part of your nail that you want to remove the lacquer coating.

Such a tool is an essential item in every ladies purse. It is more gentle to the nail surface due to the fact that in its composition are extracts from plants and chemistry, much less even have acetone in it.

Choose quality liquid nail and used correctly

Because of its low price liquid nail Polish remover is a popular and available to all ladies, and to apply it quite often – not like the color of nail Polish? Please wipe with liquid, apply a new color. It’s simple.

Of course, this does not mean that any tool is excellent and no matter how to use it. Always before purchase of a gel, cream or the liquid review all the products.

Usually in the composition of the cosmetic product is a lot of variety of components. The most basic of them is the solvent. It can be present in different amounts. And this is the most important factor.

In modern cosmetic product for removing varnish are usually the following components:

  • Water;
  • The ethyl acetate;
  • Dye;
  • Vitamins are usually present in good quality tools.
  • Panthenol;
  • Acetone or acetyltributyl;
  • Isopropyl alcohol structure;
  • Good tools also add camphor oil;
  • Fast drying means it is provided in different fragrances, which also contribute to the aroma.

For each type of manicure is its composition liquid varnish remover. Don’t forget that removing the varnish with so-called artificial nails, you need to carry out using a special tool designed for such a purpose, not just a simple solution with acetone, otherwise you can damage their structure.

About how to remove lacquer from the surface of your nails, knows, probably, every modern girl. Nails need to prepare in advance of the removal of the lacquer coating. First, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, in order for the skin of nail plates, and in General on the hand was not injured, added to the soap solution, which will handle the hands, a pinch of common salt.

After the whole procedure ends, apply a little liquid varnish remover on cotton wool and go directly to the nail and removing unnecessary coverage. To erase the varnish from the beginning of the growth of the nail to its end.

This is the most effective way, at the same time helping to protect from getting funds under the cuticle. You will not have discomfort if you do the procedure correctly.

Remedy nail Polish remover in gel form is becoming more and more popular, and there are several good reasons:

  • This tool will not overflow in case of careless handling;
  • Nails are healthier, not stratified and not be rough and rude, not slow down their growth.

With acetone the liquid nails will quickly lose its healthy appearance because of the huge amount of chemical solvent that adversely affects them, and if it gets under the cuticle in General can cause disease and discomfort.

Which company is better — manufacturers of liquid

1. Means “Jardine” is a great option for those who do things quickly and likes to spend his time on such a procedure. Plus this tool is speed. Minus the artificial components, a large number of chemicals. The kit sells a special sponge that helps the process of removing the varnish. With its help, you will be able to do so efficiently and evenly.

In the liquid Jardine has no fragrances and other vegetable flavored components, that automatically makes remedy hypoallergeni. After the application dries quickly and even if you get dirty, you will not see spots, and if they are, they are very easy to get rid of.

Remember, whatever firm you choose, always read the composition and always use the liquid nail Polish remover very carefully!

2. The following liquid called “Weasel” has a unique composition. Among the components of Affection, there are microscopic particles of oil that have medicinal properties. It has a very beneficial effect on the nails and on the cuticle, nourishing it. The beauty of this property is that the surface of your nails won’t dry out even after the procedure you will not feel burning and dryness.

The uniqueness of this tool is to have the component, neutralizing the harmful effect of the solvent. The liquid is assumed to be fortified. In its composition has vitamins E and A, this means that the tool is completely safe and nourishes the cuticle. Available this modern tool in the form of a gel, which is equipped with a dispenser.

3. The liquid from the popular brand “Oriflame” is considered the best among similar funds throughout Europe, at least in the Northern part of it. The tool of this plan is a duplicate of the very popular and unique in its kind prescription European cosmetic.

It includes the components and clean off unwanted paint and it does not dry the nail surface and skin. The product can please the fashionistas and all those ladies who wish to always stay stylish and well-groomed, and not to spoil its natural beauty, presence of plant natural components: extracts and aromatic oils of lemon and blueberries.

Beauticians, styling tool, recommend women, use it in combination with other skin care lotions, creams and oils that help to care for the handles.

Liquid nail Polish remover from the brand Oriflame will allow you to resume the growth of the nail plate, improves blood circulation in the tips of your fingers, so, and healthier overall your hands, improve their external condition and appearance. Skin smoothed, and nogotochki becomes more robust.

4. Cosmetic “Claw” is the most common and popular in Russia. The liquid will easily cope with multi-layered manicures and will not harm your delicate hands.

In the part of the money you will not find salt, extra synthetic impurities, but there are herbs and known to all the acetone. Also, in addition, the composition includes a perfume fragrance, giving the fragrance and allowing the liquid to evaporate quickly.

5. A tool for removing the old varnish under the romantic name “the Dream” is universal. Ideal for removing toppers and of course the varnish. The product is available in glass or plastic in the form of liquid. In the process of removing varnish carefully takes care of the nails, not allowing the surface to dry out and suffer from chemo.

In part also there is a perfume and plant extracts that help to restore the nails. Due to its gentle composition, liquid “Dream” can be used quite often.

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