Living loft-style: refined aesthetics

In the Soviet years, it was decided to demonstrate their wealth, exposing the crystal on the sideboard and hanging up on walls carpets. Now we think this is the apotheosis of bad taste. Tired of dusty porcelain sculptures and stencil sets, modern generation worships the new gods of interior design – simplicity, minimalism, spaciousness.

Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you how it should be decorated living room in loft style. If you support the new trends prevailing in the interior fashion, you certainly will like this concept.

If you loft?

The loft style was born in the 40-ies of XX century, but for our country, it is a relative novelty.

In order to understand how you will be comfortable in similar interior, check, whether you agree with the following statements:

• The house should be spacious

• The mess is always a mess, even art

• Well, when a lot of light

• The smaller the apartment of knick-knacks, the better

• The concept of the Studio helps even a tiny apartment to visually make a big

If all of the above close to you, read the recommendations of the Stylish Tricks on how to decorate the living room in the loft.

Living loft-style: the main features

1. Layout. One of the fundamental principles of the loft-style open spaces. This means that your living room will not be separated from the kitchen by walls and a door. Zoning is due to the use of various design techniques and architectural solutions. One of the most common ways to separate the kitchen from the living room is the use for these purposes the bar. Also delineate the kitchen area and rest, you can use floor coverings that contrast among themselves by color.

As a Delineator of space, you can also use different texture and color of walls, screens, partitions of glass or double-sided shelving.

2. Color scheme. Choosing colors to design their loft with the living room, focuses primarily on your individual preferences: the loft is quite democratic in the issue of operating a color palette. Allowed the most extravagant colors, bright blue, wine, black. Since the word “loft” actually means “attic”, many fans of this style like somewhat gloomy color, which contributes to the overall “attic” concept home. However, it is a matter of personal preference.

The main thing – do not let excessive colors, it itself will eventually get on your nerves. And, of course, don’t forget about the rules of good taste.

3. The walls, ceiling, floor. Dazzling white ceilings visually enlarge the room and make it lighter, so this option is recommended. Laminate or flooring is the ideal solution for the floor.

Coated with clear lacquer tree, shimmering gloss that best fits the spirit of the minimalist and sophisticated, which is promoted by the style loft.

In addition, the tree is environmentally friendly, durable and functional building material.

As for the walls, your living room is perfect brickwork (or its imitation) or bare concrete. If for some reason this design of the walls of the room cannot fit a conventional emulsion. Paint the walls in the color that you particularly inspiring. Please note that the white helps visually expand the space.

4. Furnished. Central living room in the loft – sofa. This is one of those times when size matters: the bigger the sofa the better. And for guests put chairs are also roomy. By the way, it is desirable that the furniture was on wheels: the loft involves the ease of implementation of the permutation. For those who don’t fit on the sofa and chairs, provide suede Ottomans.

Coffee table minimalist design is also a mandatory component of loft living.

And certainly the carpet. Choose the option with some extravagant colours: for example, under leopard or Dalmatian.

Living room in the loft itself should speak for its mistress lady bright, active, determined and creative. Following the advice and adding in the interior of their individual vision, you will get tired of listening to compliments your good taste and unconventional approach to the design of the home.